The average ROI (Return On Investment) for our Incubator is 26x in the first six months. There’s simply no better investment you can make for your business.

We guarantee you’ll see a 100% ROI on your Incubator investment.

Here’s how to measure that ROI:
1. Submit a “Gym Checkup” (or just complete a “Big Sheet” in the Metrics That Matter module of the Incubator) for the month before your signed up with TwoBrain.
2. Update your Big Sheet as you go through the Incubation Process.
3. Compare Big Sheet gross revenue numbers after your Incubation Phase. You’ll see increased revenue of at least $2499 – your Incubator investment – over that period. We promise.

This has literally never happened, but if your gym hasn’t taken in at least $2499 in additional revenues (beyond the gross revenues you were already taking in before TwoBrain,) we’ll put you into our Growth Phase FREE until you do.

We’re talking REAL money, not “projections”. Who buys groceries with projections?

The Incubator typically takes 6-8 weeks, but sometimes takes longer. We reserve the right to remove gyms from the Incubator who simply aren’t completing the work we give them. But we’re SO confident, after helping thousands of gyms become profitable, that we’re comfortable giving this assurance to you.

We don’t take everyone as a mentoring client. But if we accept you, we want your purchase decision to be as easy as possible.