6 Habits of Successful Athletes

By Mike Watson, Mentor for the 1-1 Coaching Course

The habits here aren’t rocket science, but like any habit they need to be practiced to be perfected. Whenever I have a client struggling to make exercise or nutrition a priority, I send them this list and we talk about ways we can eliminate barriers to success.

  1. They schedule their workouts

If you want to get better at your sport, you need to carve out time in your schedule to make it happen.

Schedule time into your schedule that is non-negotiable and plan around it.
And never miss a Monday…it’s a great way to set the table for an awesome week!

2. They have a plan

I love getting out for a run or ride and just exploring, or going to the gym and doing the lifts I enjoy.. but if you’re committed to getting better, or need to get ready for an event, you NEED to have a plan that sees you specifically focusing your efforts to improve performance at least 2-3 times per week.

3. They don’t hide from their weaknesses, they work on them!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

You’re not insane are you?

If you hate squats, get into the gym and work on them until they become a strength (or less of a liability). Hate speed work but want to run faster?

I’ve got bad news for you!

4. They plan ahead

You can waste a TON of time looking for your favourite hat, or socks, or shorts, or water bottle. This time all adds up and is a great way to drain your energy and momentum, especially early in the morning. Find everything you will need the night before and put it in a bag or pile it where you can jump into it when it’s workout time!

5. They are accountable to someone

Hitting snooze and skipping a workout is easy to do, unless someone else knows about it… I make a point of telling my wife what I’m going to run or ride the next day because I know she’ll ask questions if it doesn’t happen.

Successful athletes also have their own coaches who know exactly what needs to be done to get better and follow up to make sure they are doing it.

Sometimes a good coach can be just as valuable as an accountability partner than they are as a programmer.

6. They workout with people who are better than them

Scared to workout with someone because you’re not sure you can keep up? Good! Ask to join their next workout!

The worst thing that can happen is that you finish last and learn some lessons for next time. The best thing that can happen is that you learn how much harder you could be pushing yourself.

You will always train harder with someone else than you will on your own

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