A Good Coach

By Colm O’Reilly, TheMentalHealthPlan.com

A good coach isn’t caught up in the movement, or the play, or the second by second frantic panic. A good coach is slightly removed. Not so far as to not see what’s going on, but just distance enough that they can watch the entire field, see how each move effects the flow of the game, and guide you accordingly.

Practicing mindfulness is becoming the coach of your own thoughts, feelings, and habits. See how they direct your life and your mood, and then with mindfulness and other mental skills guiding your mind in a healthier and more productive direction. 

Being the coach of your mind sometimes mean you ease up and let your thoughts play freely. Sometimes it means teaching your mind new skills and holding it accountable to its workouts. Sometimes it means you take the hard line and change the players (thoughts). It’s all done with a caring attitude that wants the best for the players and wants to succeed. 

A good coach has played the game. Maybe not exactly as you’ve played it, and maybe not even at the same level, but they know what it’s like in the arena. And they’ve not only played it but studied the game, and also learnt how to coach. What’s important? And what can be left aside during the teaching process?

A Mindset Coach has worked on their mental game, examined their skills and figured out how to teach it in order to help his Mindset Athletes master their thinking and results.

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