A Powerful Tool To Give Your Clients–That You’re NOT Using

A Powerful Tool To Give Your Clients–That You’re NOT Using

By Craig Hysell


What’s your mantra? What’s your mantra? What’s your mantra?


Without the proper mental conditioning, all the physical training and nutrition discipline in the world sits on an unstable foundation that will often crumble when met with any adversity.

This is fragility. We cannot truly grow when anything we lean on collapses in times of struggle.


Buddha once said, “The mind is everything, what we think we become.” Can we train our minds to be more of an asset than a detriment in times of struggle?


Absolutely. Think of ANY of your heroes. They were all MENTALLY tough. Every single one of them. And we can train to be like them.

Mantra in Sanskrit means “sound tool”. The power of “Om” chanting is regarded widely and highly among yogi’s and folks adept at meditation as a source of great peace and strength.


But what about training for sport? What about life when it is spent in times of motion instead of reflection? Can we use mantras then?

We believe so. We’ve seen POWERFUL changes in folks that use them in our training facility.


A mantra is “a statement or slogan repeated frequently” and usually designed to elicit a BENEFICIAL emotional, physical or cognitive response. We must be mindful that negative mantras can be just prevalent. These are insidious and brutal and often initially unseen by the user.


See, many clients we meet for the first time are full of a diseased mindset. The pathology that has set in from years or a lifetime of negative programming has practically fried the hard drive that is their mind.


It’s okay. It happens frequently. There is ALWAYS a way out AND WE CAN COACH IT! (Watch as Rock Thomas describes his brutal upbringing and how he bounced back up to become incredibly successful with a surprisingly simple yet incredibly meaningful personal mantra.)


A mantra must be personal. A mantra must be focused on WHAT TO DO instead of what NOT to do. A mantra must flow with the breath. (I know that sounds hokey, but if your mantra is a whole paragraph it’s not going to work.) A mantra must be a statement.


Athletic mantras, or mantras for life on the go might be:

“I can. I will. I must!”
“Breathe. I can. Breathe. I can.”
“Looking good, feeling good, oughta be in Hollywood.”
“I got this. All day. I got this. All day.”
“Breathe. Focus. Engage. Breathe. Focus. Engage.”
“Be here now. Enjoy. Be here now. Enjoy.”
“All go. All Grit. I can take. All that shit.”

Hopefully you’re getting the picture.


What’s the mantra that works for you? What’s the mantra you can help others discover?


  1. Experiment! Have fun with The Process! Write your own script!
  2. Be positive! It’s a tool not a “hack” and you have nothing to lose.
  3. Reflect on who you WANT to be.
  4. Put that desire and passion into a statement.
  5. Repeat it endlessly.
  6. Share it!


Here’s some more examples online.

You can rewire your software and make your hard drive more powerful than you ever imagined. You just have to practice. Your mantra is THE START. Enjoy!



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