A Year’s Worth of Nutrition Social Media Content!

There’s so much to do, and never enough time to get everything done.

At Two-Brain, we’re lucky to have some really talented in-house support. We brought together a Registered Dietitian, Nurse Practitioner, graphics design artist, and social media marketers who worked together to produce something special that will keep you top-of-mind with professionally produced nutrition and wellness social media content, so that you’re stocked for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Fifty-two digital folders filled to the brim with content you can use. Done, beautifully designed, de-branded, and tied up with a bow.

There are 137 polished pieces of professional content, ready for you to use in our Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching course AND The Two-Brain Business Nutrition Business course. Filled with helpful tips, healthy recipes, and other nutrition and wellness topics to keep you top-of-mind with your members and potential leads. It comes with a downloadable 62-page PDF document with all of the marketing copy and hashtags written out for you, week-by-week for 52 weeks!

A professional graphics design artist has made each piece look beautiful, and we’ve left it open and de-branded, so you’re welcome to load each image into Canva to add your own logo at the bottom, making it seem as if you created all of the content yourself.

You can use it however it best serves you (nutrition challenges, marketing, continuing to add value to your online community), and you can make it seem as it you made it all yourself by quickly and easily adding your own logo and website information to each piece.


  • Two-Brain Business: Inside the Growth Roadmap (Audience Building, Milestone 2)
  • Two-Brain Coaching: Inside the Nutrition Coaching Course (Resources Folder)

We hope this buys back some free time and knocks one big task off your To Do List, while giving you something that’s highly actionable to help you grow your audience with 52 weeks of social media material that’s ready to go. There’s no extra charge or ongoing subscription cost for this—this is yours to keep if you’re a part of our Two-Brain Family!

You’ve got this—keep your head up and keep going! The world needs to know that people like you are out there to help them live healthier and happier lives!

From Your Friends at Two-Brain,

Chris Cooper, Josh Martin, Jennifer Broxterman, and Lindsey VanSchoyck

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