ABG – Always Be Growing

As a mentor with Two Brain Coaching I am blessed to be able to speak with coaches from all over the world with drastically different coaching backgrounds.

They all have 1 thing in common – the desire to be better.

I wanted to share a great approach that I learned from one of my mentees recently to help you grow as a coach even if you aren’t currently pursuing additional certification or continuing education.

The concept of journaling is not a new one in terms of self reflection and personal assessment. It is prescribed by counsellors to help clients work through difficult events and decisions.

In my experience it is an underutilized approach to improving ourselves as coaches.

The coach in question has a very high tech method to his professional improvement.

He uses a pen and a notebook which he keeps in his locker.

After each client session (PT client, OnRamp session, Group class or No-Sweat Intro), he takes 5 minutes and jots down a few things that he wishes he had done better and also writes down the things he felt he did well (cues his clients responded to and notes of things he wanted to remember for future sessions.)

The coach then reviews his notebook at the end of the week and the end of the month.

He looks to see if the same things keep popping up in the “needs improvement” column and develops strategies to gain the skills he needs to improve himself in those areas.

Sometimes the simplest tool to professional improvement is the dedication to look at yourself critically on a regular basis.

Be sure to celebrate the Bright Spots and successes but be humble enough to know where you need to improve and seek out the education and experiences to cross those items off your list.

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