Bad Coach, Good Coach, Part 2

By Shawn McQueen, Mentor for Two-Brain Group Coaching Course

In this series, we’re covering the differences between good and bad coaches. If you missed the first part of this story, check it out here: Part 1

The differences were becoming very clear between my good coach and bad coach. 

Good coach would always be out on the floor 15 minutes before coaching his group classes, interacting, asking questions and greeting members as they arrived with their name, enthusiasm, and jubilation. Bad coach was infrequent at best, sometimes on his cell phone, sometimes he wouldn’t get out on the floor til 5 minutes before, missing opportunities to engage with the members or build rapport/relationships. When someone would arrive late during his whiteboard brief, good coach would remain unfazed. While bad coach at times would put a direct spotlight on the person who was late, making them feel even worse for being late.  That member’s attendance dropped off significantly, until they eventually cancelled. 

Earlier this year, we had a new girl join the group out of On Ramp, and out of 4 days a week she was late for 3 of those classes. I saw what good coach did. Her first class, he gave her grace.  Later telling me, “she could have been rushing from work, had a sick child, encountered something along the way she didn’t expect (road work, traffic, even a flat tire!)” The second class he told me it came on his radar, and during class he simply asked her “hey just want to check in with you, everything okay?” 

But her third late to class is when he took action. He waited until after class to speak with her privately. I witnessed this conversation, and it went like this: “Hey Jen, great job on the deadlifts today! How are you feeling 1 week into group classes?” She replied, “Thank you! I’m feeling great, the people and classes are awesome!” He took his moment, “That’s so great, I’m glad to hear! You’re a great addition to classes.  I couldn’t help but notice today and a few other times you come a few minutes into class during the whiteboard brief.  What’s got that happening?”

To which she replied, “I know, I’m sorry, I try to leave my house around 3:50pm to get here on time and sometimes there’s road work and I get stuck in it for a few minutes.” “Ahhh, okay I understand now, what you’re saying is there’s road work along your way and that holds you up for a few minutes.” he stated back. 

“Yeah,” she said. 

“Would you do me a huge favor? I want to make sure you get the entire hours worth and don’t miss any important information at the whiteboard brief which sets our pace and info for the day.  Can you help me out and head out 5-10 minutes earlier than you are now, to ensure you get here with some time to spare, even if you get stuck in the roadwork?” he asked. 

“Yes absolutely, I’m sorry! I’ll leave earlier,” she said.

“Thank you Jen, you did great today, I’ll see you next week?” 

“Yes!” she said.

“Okay great, have a great weekend, great job on your first week” the good coach replied. 

While bad coach had a different approach…

Stay tuned for Part 3 next week!

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