Beginner’s Mind

Everyone deserves to feel like a beginner.


I don’t mean to say that in a derogatory way, but rather the exact opposite. 


Remember that feeling of trying a new skill for the first time? It probably wasn’t great. You probably failed.


Contrast that with the feeling you get, after a long enough time spent practicing, when you FINALLY get it? 


That feeling of accomplishment. That you can “do the thing.” 


Have you ever gone back to the beginning, to the basics, and picked up a new subtle nuance that you didn’t catch the first time around? Perhaps, in the case of human movement, it helped create an improvement in efficiency. Or as a coach, maybe you just learned a new way to communicate an idea to a client. 


You’ve become better, just by going back to the beginning and working on the basics. 


If you’ve been coaching for a few years, a decade, or even more, its easy to get lost in the daily minutiae of just “doing the coaching thing.” Its not that you get arrogant and don’t see the value of a constant thirst for learning. Good coaches get that. That’s important in anybody’s long term development in whatever industry they’re in. But it does mean that sometimes you feel compelled to pursue novelty instead of revising the very principles that a good foundation of coaching are built upon. 


Great coaches, though? They pursue virtuosity – which as CrossFit founder Greg Glassman describes as “doing the common uncommonly well.” Put another way – you should be savagely good at the basics. 


Understanding the nuances of human movement, biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, and program design are all great tools to have. 


Being well versed in the social and psychological pieces of coaching provide the appropriate context for knowing what tool to use and how to use it. Most importantly, you understand why. That, in turn, allows you to provide the best coaching to your clients.


That’s why we require that all coaches, no matter their experience, start with the basics at Two-Brain Coaching – our First Degree program. 


It will be a great refresher at worst, but at best – well, you’ll pick up new and better ways to serve your clients. 


Feel ready? Click here.


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