Bright Spots Every Day

If you’re familiar with the Two Brain universe you undoubtedly know the concept of Bright Spots, especially on Friday.

Bright Spots are our way of verbally telling our clients that we care and that we celebrate their achievements no matter how small or big.

Bright spots are about making people feel better about themselves than they did when they walked through the door.

In order to be effective Bright Spots should be:

1) Genuine – we can say “good job” or “great work” so often that it loses meaning to us, and to our clients. Coaches should provide the same energy and enthusiasm in highlighting bright spots for every single client.

2) Client Specific – we teach coaches to focus in on points of commonality with each of their clients – people love to connect over kids, pets, food, sports, travel and cars. By getting know your clients through good motivational interviewing and relationship development we can show our clients that we care by also discussing their Bright Spots that take place outside our walls! This is also HUGE in understanding their WHY!

3) Done every day – don’t save your Bright Spots for Friday! Get into the habit of ending your interaction with every client with something personal and positive. Despite what we might believe a lot of our clients don’t get told how awesome they are on a daily basis. Be the one to highlight the awesome no matter how big or small.

My beautiful wife Eden and I have an amazing 7 year old son Jack. Every time we sit down to eat dinner together we go around the table and ask each other “what was your favorite part of the day?” This is our version of Bright Spots at home.

I am sometimes guilty of coming to the dinner table tired and grumpy, but having to pick something to highlight my day changes my focus and my attitude for the rest of the evening.

Sharing positive experiences with the rest of my family increases that exponentially.

Imagine the impact that type of positivity has on our clients when they hear it from us without having to ask for it!

I’d love to hear how you incorporate Bright Spots into your daily lives – at the gym and in your personal lives!

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