Why Habits > Intensity

Four of a kind beats a pair of aces. When a client is consistent with nutrition, sleep, self-management and exercise, they'll get better results than the most hardcore exerciser. Abs…

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The Brainwashed Registered Dietician, Part 2

Written by Jennifer Broxterman, MSc, RDRegistered Dietitian, Founder of NutritionRx In Part 1, I started to share what my educational training and brainwashing included as I went through school to…

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Unlearning What I Was Brainwashed to Believe as a Registered Dietitian (Part 1)

I’m shaking my head now, and I can feel many of you judging me and my education (or saying this is why Registered Dietitians suck), but at the time, I really thought I was paying for a top notch degree in Foods & Nutrition. I was eager to get out into the world and help others make positive food choices, and at the time, I really did think it was the best path to be able to serve others when it came to coaching healthy eating.  I Was Brainwashed

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The Best App for SEMM Programming?

Thought can lead to actions.Actions can lead to habits.Habits can lead to behaviors.Behaviors can lead to meaningful change.But only if you lead the people you're serving. When we introduced the…

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*BIG NEWS* Ontario Gyms!

*BIG NEWS* Ontario Gyms!

Our sister company, Two-Brain Business, has been hard at work identifying grants that would bolster a gyms ability to remain open and profitable. This is an endeavor to help owners…

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A Good Coach

By Colm O'Reilly, TheMentalHealthPlan.com A good coach isn’t caught up in the movement, or the play, or the second by second frantic panic. A good coach is slightly removed. Not…

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28-Day Virtuosity Challenge

Every client should have an individual coaching prescription, even if he or she exercises in a group. Group classes are sometimes even more effective than 1:1 coaching because of the…

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How to Coach Sleep

The "Sleep, Eat, Move, Manage" model is easy to program and deliver. It creates a lot of extra value without a lot of extra work. We know that "sleep debt"…

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