Certified Nutrition Coach!

Our Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching program is officially a certification.

That means less liability for gym owners and their coaches. More importantly, it means we can hang our hat on a service that gets our clients results without risking our business.

You might not know it, but nutrition coaching is a pretty tense battlefield right now.

In 2019, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics fined a CrossFit Level 2 instructor and threatened her with jail time if she continued to provide nutritional advice. Read more here.

Different countries have different laws around the practice of nutritional coaching and counseling. For example, in Australia, fitness coaches can’t recommend supplements, write a 7-day food plan, or tell clients to avoid particular food groups. It also appears to be a worldwide law that governing bodies in the field of nutrition can’t publish anything without a picture of a green apple somewhere on it. #rules

Even different US states have different laws around nutrition advice. It’s a minefield.

I want to solve this problem for gyms, because:

1 – my mission is to make 1,000,000 fitness entrepreneurs wealthy;

2 – I want successful gym owners because I want to change the world’s health

3 – We can’t change the world’s health without changing their nutrition.

I can’t let a gym owner’s life mission get derailed by confusing nutrition laws and complicated workarounds that expose them to lawsuits and potential jail time.

Earlier this year, I asked Jennifer Broxterman, a friend, RD, University lecturer, writer for Precision Nutrition, successful entrepreneur, gym co-owner and all-around amazing human to build a course with us.

I wanted to give owners an option that won’t get them sued. But more importantly, it has to WORK.

And Covid taught us one more thing: that nutrition coaching is even more important when you’re serving clients online. It’s scalable, urgent and requires no space or unportable equipment.

After months of work, we released the Two-Brain Coaching Nutrition Course. It’s already making a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of clients.

After collecting proof for months, and demonstrating our system to insurance companies, we’re able to proudly say that Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching is now a Certification.

Here’s what that means:

  • Your coaches will have to pass an exam to be Certified (a positive, not a negative)
  • You can get insurance for your nutrition coaching specifically, with or without insurance for your gym
  • Your coach will still be mentored through the process–this isn’t a standalone “cram-and-forget” course
  • Your coaches can deliver nutrition coaching remotely without worrying about the laws in a clients’ home state, or when a client travels
  • The TBC Nutrition Certification is practical. Coaches can apply it right away without ongoing mentorship or paying a recurring subscription.
  • It’s a fantastic complement to Precision Nutrition’s Level 1 Certification, which dives deeper into the theory (while we focus on practice.)

In short: no risk, huge reward.

The program works without implementing short-term strategies like macro tracking, calorie-counting or cutting out entire food groups. It’s behavior-based, with small wins planned each week and celebrated accordingly. It will keep clients engaged for years, as proven in Jennifer Broxterman’s own practice, NutritionRx.

This is a huge step toward our ultimate goal: accrediting coaches so they can stay open in case of another pandemic shutdown. The professionalization of the industry begins now.

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