Course Clarity

Earlier this year, we made the decision at Two-Brain Coaching to change the names of two of our courses – First Degree and Second Degree. 

Their new names are, respectively:

One-On-One Coaching and Group Coaching

I hope that by explaining our reasoning, it can serve as a catalyst for you to review the clarity with which you name your own coaching services.

In simplest terms, our old course names really only made sense to our internal staff because we lived and breathed these terms every day. To the public, it offered no clarity at face value what someone was getting or could be expected to leave the course with. 

Oddly enough, when we added Jen Broxterman’s amazing Nutrition Coaching Course and Colm O’Reilly’s Mindset Coaching Course, it still hadn’t dawned on me to change things. 

Thankfully, we have a wonderful staff who are not afraid to speak up and say, repeatedly I might add, that “our course names do not align with one another. First and Second Degree make no sense to outsiders.” 

Point taken. 

Now, I hope that things are much clearer. 

If you are a coach looking to work 1-1 with others, take the 1-on-1 Coaching Course. 

If you want to coach groups of people, take the Group Coaching course. 

And of course, if you want to coach Nutrition or Mindset, we offer that too!

In the infamous words of Jack Nicholson from ‘A Few Good Men,’ – “Are we CLEAR?” 

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