Two-Brain Coaching First Degree

Two-Brain Coaching First Degree

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Do you want to level up your coaching? You’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive course was designed to bring you to a new understanding of what separates a good coach from a truly great one. You’ll learn the reasons why your clients do what they do, and find tools to help them better achieve results–consistently and effectively. You’ll uncover what’s holding you back in your coaching practice, and develop new ways to connect with your clients, elevate their successes and grow your business. 


Course Instructor: Josh Martin

Josh owns Coaching For Glory in Lithia, FL with his lovely wife Mandy and their two wonderful kids – Jesse (8) and Quinn (5). He grew up playing all sorts of sports, from baseball to basketball and even some speed skating.

He got his Applied Physiology and Kinesiolgy degree from the University of Florida, where he was also fortunate to work with the football team – GO GATORS! After that, he took an opportunity to work with amateur and pro athletes at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL. Then, he became the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the New York Yankees.

After his stint with the Yankees, Josh and Mandy decided it was time to open their own facility, and CrossFit For Glory was born in 2011.

At CFG, Josh’s coaching accomplishments reach from the CrossFit Games to the podiums of International Weightlifting competitions. Even more impressive are the countless people the staff of CFG have helped lose more than 100lb each, stop the use of medications to fight chronic disease, and get their health back. The outcomes are of course part of the highlight reel, but its the journey in creating a process that really matters.

Since then, its been his mission to provide opportunity in the form of coach development to others that desire to enter the coaching space, as he was incredibly blessed by the people who helped mentor him in his career.

Two-Brain Coaching is the culmination of his nearly two decades of coaching experience and collaboration with the best in the world.

Move sequentially through the course – no jumping ahead! Throughout the course you will be asked to complete certain homework assignments. We recommend using a google drive or similar to save assignments that you will share with your coaching mentor.