Customize Habits, Not Macros

Lindsey VanSchoyck

Nurse Practitioner, MSN, BSN, BA Psychology and Social Work & Two-Brain Business Specialist Mentor

Our nutrition revenue has gone from $56,000 in all of 2019 to already over $115,000 in 2020 (with still 2 more months to go!).

Our retention for nutrition clients has went from 3 months to 11 months

Our new nutrition challenge generated $3250 in extra income with a 75% conversation rate into our ongoing 1-on-1 nutrition coaching program.

Here’s how we did it:

2020 hasn’t necessarily been the nicest to gym owners or their clients. From gyms being shut down, to clients eating their emotions, the need for nutrition coaching has never been more in demand for both the clients and gym owners! The key for successful coaching through this stressful time isn’t in handing out a set of macronutrient numbers or meal plans to clients, though. The need is in meeting the client where they are at and developing a nutrition plan that is customized, realistic, and appropriate for them and factors in what they are dealing with during this chaotic current pandemic climate.

Most people are thinking a lot more about money (or lack thereof), job security, political bickering, unpredictable shutdowns and closures, homeschooling, and have way more anxiety and overwhelm than in years past. Does asking our nutrition clients to weigh their chicken breast at dinner, or count out the number of grape tomatoes in a salad really serve them in 2020, when so many people have been operating from a fight-or-flight red alert mode? Maybe for some clients who crave that level of control, sure, it can be a nice security blanket bringing them a sense of calm and control to the chaos, but for most folks, following a strict meal plan was tossed aside a long time ago.

We’re on to much bigger nutritional issues, like day drinking, mindless grazing while working from home, and stress eating at night. The mark of a great nutrition coach is someone who (judgement-free) can assess where their clients are at, and give them a helpful, but not overwhelming step-by-step plan to rebuild healthy habits and routines, while stopping unhelpful behaviors in their tracks.

            In 2019, the nutrition program at our gyms mostly ran off of giving clients macros, a meal plan, and accountability. We weren’t focusing on where they were at in their nutrition journey. We were bogging them down with nutrition education and putting their brains on information overload.  We were putting them on a plan that wasn’t sustainable for their busy lifestyle or realistic for them to remain doing after a certain period of time. Our clients were getting results, but after their 3 month initial commitment, they weren’t necessarily sticking around.

We invested time and financial resources to find a better solution. Our coaches went through certifications such as PN1, PN2, WAG, and Two Brain Nutrition Coaching to find the best nutrition strategies for our clients and our business. We found science and motivational interviewing with PN.  We found the best way to coach macros and continuing education with WAG. And in wrapping our nutrition education for 2020, we found habits based coaching and the way to fill in the gaps of our education with the Two Brain Nutrition Coaching Course.

Are we ever happy we went down this path of professional development in our nutrition program and working to improve our nutrition coaching systems in 2019 and into early 2020. It perfectly set us up to pivot mid-pandemic, and continue serving our nutrition clients when they were stressed to the max.

The proof of switching over to habits-based nutrition coaching and using motivational interviewing with our nutrition clients, and not meal plans and macros like we were previously taught, is in our numbers:

  • REVENUE: Our nutrition revenue has gone from $56,000 in all of 2019 to already over $115,000 in 2020 (with still 2 more months to go!).
  • LEG (Length of Engagement): Our LEG for our nutrition clients has went from 3 months to 11 months.  Our clients are happier, healthier, getting better results, and sticking around longer now that we are meeting them where they are at, instead of them meeting our nutrition program where it was at.

This fall, we even decided to run a fun habits-based nutrition challenge based off the brand new nutrition plans we’ve created inside the Two-Brain Business content (that all TBB mentees have access to for free), and that generated $3250 in extra income from the challenge for our gym, with a 75% conversation rate into our ongoing 1-on-1 nutrition coaching program at our gym. It was our best challenge yet, with astounding results!

All with simple habits. No meal plans. No macros to count. Just simple, sustainable healthy living tips we could ask our members to do to take better care of themselves in the middle of an exhausting pandemic and political race. We’ve never run such a successful challenge, under such stressful conditions, with so much positive client feedback, so something must really be working for our clients since making these important changes to our nutrition business model.

Nutrition coaching isn’t a one size fits all. Every client is different and every nutrition plan will be different. Some of our clients focus on water and vegetable intake. Some of our clients focus on nutrient timing and sleep. And some of clients still focus on macros but it’s all based upon the clients lifestyle, needs, and goals. If you want to grow your nutrition program in 2021, my advice is invest in coaching education, develop your systems and processes to run your program, and meet your nutrition clients where they are at.

Happy clients = longer retention, and higher nutrition revenue!

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