Do what you love, Never work a day

‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’  

I have been applying this mindset to the work I have been doing with new coaches through the Two Brain Coaching First Degree program. 

A lot of newer coaches I work with struggle with two things:

  •  Understanding and developing their niche
  • Taking the initiative to drive their own business and creating their own opportunities through content creation

I met Chris Cooper while we were both working at another gym.  Chris was The Man when it came to Powerlifting in our city.  Not only was he strong as an ox, he also participated in online discussion forums and had articles published by some of the best online publications at the time. 

I just tried to keep up and soak up as much information as possible.

I was okay at Powerlifting.  Not great, not good. Okay. 

We live in a fairly small town.  There was no way I was going to out-niche the big fish in our small pond. 

Luckily Chris realized this and encouraged me to develop my skills in the thing that I loved doing: running.

Chris told me that if I wanted to be successful as a coach and create my own business (rather than just training the clients he couldn’t fit into his schedule) I NEEDED to do the following things:

  • Start researching your niche and producing content to develop your authority on the subject (blog posts, speaking in front of groups, talking to businesses)
  • Participate in events to surround yourself with your target audience
  • Run a marathon

A funny thing started to happen.  Instead of coming to Catalyst to train at Chris Cooper’s gym clients started to come to Catalyst to train with Mike Watson. 

I still love coaching Powerlifting. 

I love coaching Olympic lifting and Crossfit. 

I LOVE coaching runners. 

Understanding my niche 20 years ago allowed me to set myself apart from others in my city and my gym and create my own client base.  It allowed me to set myself apart in a gym with other World Class coaches. 

Find the thing that you love to coach and become the expert. 

It won’t feel like work.

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