Do You Coach Fitness, or Wellness?

Do You Coach Fitness, or Wellness?

By Craig Hysell


I own a gym. I once destroyed a fan in our gym with my rage filled bare hands in front of members and coaches because I missed a lift.


I was fit, not well.


In ancient Greece, the greatest thinkers and philosophers championed training their bodies along with their minds.


So, what happens when we ask ourselves, as coaches and gym owners, the same question  but in reverse?


What about training the mind first, and in addition to, training the body as a potentiate for the greatest positive effect on our client’s lives?


Mindset, and tapping into each individual’s emotional pathway, is being whispered more and more in our corners of the field.


Mindset, as a business, is booming. The Daily Stoic, Start With Why and Mindset are all bestselling books.


Discipline is regaining popularity.


Personally, our gym has experimented with adding mindset focused lessons in our group fitness classes and seen fantastic success with our members at our own gym.

The mind is key, what you think you become.


Your culture, your questions, your labels, your interaction with the individual on an individual basis and the way YOU conduct yourself publicly have an impact on who you lead.


You, as a coach or owner in this industry, need to understand who YOU are. Are you a fitness coach or are you a wellness coach? Think about the opportunities each one creates.


What if your fight was not with the gym down the street any longer or the proper air squat just for proper air squat’s sake? Instead, your fight was with obesity, depression, loneliness, negative self talk, lack of effective interpersonal communication, lack of confidence and our client’s inability to find, or execute effectively on, their purpose in this life?


What new opportunities do you create for yourself and your clients when you widen the lens of opportunity and look on the world with new eyes?


It is time to think deeper on our roles as “fitness” coaches. We are the Ambassadors of Kwan if we chose to be and the movement has already begun. UpCoach is intent on helping lead the way.


The sun is rising on a new age of contentment: not at the expense of physical activity, but because of it and, maybe more importantly, in addition to it.


We are living in glorious and exciting times. And YOU are out in front. How awesome is that?


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