Eliminating Coaches Problems: Skill of Framing

By Shawn McQueen, Mentor for Two-Brain Group Coaching Course

Have you ever seen a coach talking or briefing a movement and there’s those 1 or 2 people who jump ahead of them? 

Or a member loads their bar with a weight they have no business doing? 

Or chatter or talking during the coach breaking a movement down? 

How easy is it for that to get under a coach’s skin?

We can’t fault the members, they just want to move.

But they do need to listen.

What helps eliminate these issues is an effective communication method tool I like to call:


Here are a few framing examples:

“In a moment you’re going to (blank)”


I am going to set the clock for 4 minutes and you will (blank)…”


“As we move together here as a group on my call… you will squat and pause for 3 full seconds in the bottom, when I say up, you press the bar overhead and hold overhead for 3 full seconds….”

With framing you’re telling them exactly what you want them to do before they do it. 

You’re using ‘in the future’ phrases like, “in a moment” or “in your first set” or “when I say.”

This tool provides a level of clarity, direction and guidance that every single person wants and can easily follow. 

Human beings crave structure. 

Framing eliminates guesswork for them and increases their adherence to following a Coach’s leadership. 

Let’s expand on an example to see the clarity and guidance:

Let’s say a Coach rallies the group before a breakout and says: 

In a moment

you’re going to pair up with a buddy.

You two will claim a squat rack. 

The shorter athlete will set the J-Cups to their height.

The taller athlete will get the barbell.

Once that’s complete, 

We will circle back up around squat rack #3 to review points of performance in the back squat and how I’d recommend getting to your 5RM today.” 

What do you think happens from this? 

The brains go…

Find partner 

Am I the taller or shorter one?

Complete the task assigned to me for my height.

Then reconvene at #3 before moving forward. 

Classes are way more enjoyable for the coach AND the members when everyone flows together.

Framing gets us there. 

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