Five Ways the Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching Course Will Make you a Better Coach and Help you Earn more Money

You can’t out-train a bad diet.

If you’re a fitness coach, CrossFit coach or personal trainer, you have probably heard that line before. And because you know this to be true—whether or not you have nutrition coaching education under your belt—you likely talk to your clients about the importance of a good diet. 

But getting them to make changes is a whole other issue…

The hard truth: Getting people to commit to fitness is the easy part. Getting them to make nutritional and lifestyle changes is much more difficult, and as a result people don’t see the results they want and often give up entirely.

Or to put it another way, at best a coach gets to spend one hour per day in the gym helping with the fitness part of the equation, but managing the food falls into the client’s hands for the remaining 23 hours.

Then as a coach, it’s hard not to “blame” your clients for “failing,” when in reality you, the coach, played a role, because you lack the tools to help your clients actually make meaningful nutritional changes, and create long-lasting habits.

This is where the Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching Course comes in: It’s designed to give the fitness coach the practical tools to help their clients see results, and ultimately keep their clients. 

Because the coach who provides their clients results is the one who will retain them long-term.

Food for thought: Have you ever had a client lose 100 pounds and quit the next day?

Five Reasons to Choose the Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching Course

1. The Course Instructor

Jennifer Broxterman, the host and creator of the course, is a Registered Dietitian, owner of NutritionRx and university Foods & Nutrition professor at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. She’s also a long-time CrossFit athlete, even competing at the Canada East regionals in 2013 and 2014.

Since starting NutritionRx in 2010, Jen has worked with thousands of nutrition clients to help them reach their healthy eating goals to feel better, lose weight, manage medical conditions, and has also worked with elite athletes, from NHL hockey players to Olympians.

Sidenote: If you’re debating between the Precision Nutrition coaching course and this one, Broxterman is also a Precision Nutrition coach and content producer for Precision Nutrition, and incorporates many of the well-thought out Precision Nutrition concepts in the Two-Brain Nutrition Course, as well. 

The bottom line: As a fitness coach looking to expand your nutrition knowledge, there is nobody more suited for the task than Jen.

2. A Focus on Client-Centric Coaching

Throughout the Two-Brain nutrition course, Jen focuses on the importance of client-centric versus coach-centric coaching, meaning the importance of empowering clients to lead the way in their journey, rather than telling them what you think they should do (a mistake many inexperienced nutrition coaches make). 

When you do this—when you meet clients where they’re at and let them be the driver of their own journey—they’re more likely to be successful. 

In this sense, the Two-Brain course isn’t about teaching the best foods to eat and why, but about learning how to use a person’s individuality, and discovering what’s right for them, to help them make baby steps that will eventually amount to a healthier life.

But the most important part of the course is how—through concepts, analogies and simple exercises—Jen breaks down exactly HOW to do this. 

3. A Focus on the Psychology of Change

Speaking of the HOW, Jen goes through various tactics, from motivational interviewing to learning how to set effective goals and track progress, to learning how to categorize clients, so to speak, in a way that allows you to dig into the psychology of lifestyle change better than any other nutrition coaching course on the market.

Jen’s Iceberg analogy, for example, throws everything you thought you knew about making lifestyle changes out the window (hint: you have been focusing on just the tip of the iceberg instead of the foundation).

As a coach, when you start to understand the psychology behind change, and the psychology about what holds people back from making lasting lifestyle changes, you will become a lot more confident in your ability to help your clients truly change their behaviour and get the results they want. 

4. Easy-to-Digest Science

Remember the K.I.S.S acronym from grade school?

Keep it simple, silly!

Never is this more true than when talking about the human body and its complicated processes.

While many courses strive to sound as smart, often even as convoluted, as possible, Jen’s goal is, not to impress with how much complicated knowledge she has, but to convey information in a simple way that allows coaches to understand, and most importantly to retain, the information.

From topics like the digestive tract to energy metabolism and energy systems, to calories in, calories out, Jen’s teaching style is easy-to-follow and makes learning, and retaining the information, simple yet effective.

That probably comes from her nearly 10 years of teaching first year university students about the science of nutrition in an easy-to-digest format, with a Nutrition 101 course aimed at non-science majors! No wonder she is an award-winner university professor and has been asked to be a keynote speaker more than 100 times in her career.

5. One-on-One Mentoring Calls

Possibly the biggest thing that separates the Two-Brain course from other nutrition coaching courses is the inclusion of three one-on-one mentoring calls with Jen or another NutritionRx Registered Dietitian to help you get the most out of the course.

Whether you have questions about what you’re learning in the course, or you want to focus on specific clients and how to help them, or you want to talk about the financials and how to monetize nutrition coaching with your fitness clients, these three one-hour calls are your opportunity to focus on where you want to improve as a coach, so you can put all that you have learned into practice, for the sake of your clients, and for the sake of your business. 

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