FREE Course Upgrades!

It gives me great pleasure to announce some big, FREE upgrades to two of our professional coaching courses. 

Over the past year, online coaching became a necessary arm of a resilient business. With all gyms going through shutdowns, the ability to deliver a service online was crucial to surviving. 

In March of last year, in partnership with Two-Brain Business, we built a course on how to deliver your coaching online, and gave it away to Two-Brain gym owners. For free.

Well, now we are paying it forward directly to the coaches of the world. As of right now, all past and present course participants (in the 1-1 and Group Coaching courses) have free access to this recently upgraded course!!!

How do you access it? Simple: log into your account at, go to the course you have taken, or are currently going through, and you will find the free gift at the bottom of your modules. That’s it.

If this sounds like something you’d like more information on, visit our site and book a free call to chat with me – I always love to hear from coaches all over the world!

And lastly, if you’d like to receive some mentorship as you go through the modules, we have options available for that too. Just ask.

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