Gym Owners: A Challenge for Your Coaches

By Shawn McQueen, Two Brain Group Coaching Mentor

As Gym Owners we are and should be always looking at how we can better mentor, lead and guide our teams. 

Something I began doing that I wanted to share because of its effectiveness and I know it can be of value to many who use it is what I call:

“Today’s Coaching Focus.”

Recently I wrote down as many things I could possibly think of that are a must for the members experience to be a 10/10. 

As the Owner and my team’s leader, I intuitively know these, call upon these and naturally live these when I lead.

But for our team some of these aren’t at the forefront of their minds always and a gentle reminder, or daily focus helps keep the iron sharp so to speak. 

So I began texting my team before any coaching goes down for the day in our group text a specific coaching focus for the day. 

One area of focus that they can hone in on to improve their own craft and the members’ experience. 

It may even be better to expand this out to one focus per week to give your teams more of an opportunity to build upon and focus each day on this particular focus.

Especially if you have newer Coaches. 

Experiment with it. 

See what works best for your team and delivers the best results.

At the end of the week, ask them where they felt they honed in on a focus and as their leader give them credit where it’s due (no matter how big or small.)

Recap how some of the areas you saw from a particular day/focus for each person (or have your head Coach do this, just ensure you train them how to!) 

Here’s an example of this week’s focus’,

Monday – Friday that I sent to my team. 

[Reference – Last week was more skill focused this week was more mindset/behavioral focused.]

Monday Coaching Focus:

Morning team, today’s coaching focus is:

Commanding Confidence.

Your presence, words, body language, facial  expressions exude certainty in who you are as a leading force in changing people’s lives.

Your actions on the floor, all of them, coincide with a unwavering belief in who you are and what you’re doing as a Coach.

You believe in yourself and it’s obvious.

See yourself as a loved, knowledgeable coach, who’s showing up to give. 

Focus on your intent. 

Tuesday Coaching Focus 

Morning team!

I saw your commanding confidence yesterday! 

Coaching focus today is ‘Engaging Teacher.’

Engaging = captivating, attention grabber, something you like drawing you in

Teacher = educating, inform, helpful/helping, improve

And doing this in a way that speaks specifically to your specific person (1:1 setting) or you can speak to the multiple levels for your group classes. 

It’s important to know and have knowledge but more important to make it relatable to the person. 

Coaching focus – Wednesday 

= Clear Conviction.

This one’s powerful.

If you’re going to transfer emotion, belief, and create a following (that’s what leaders do) you create clear conviction.

You first must believe what you’re saying. 

You must communicate and convey that belief in your words, body, tone.

Know your stuff, believe your stuff, what you’re saying, and transfer that belief to others. 

That is influence.

That is leadership. 

Coaching Focus – Thursday 

Today’s coaching focus….

The Proud Professional.

Proud meaning you love what you do, how you do it, who you do it with, who you are as a person as a coach, the role you’re in…

Professional – you take this serious, it’s important to you, you see the importance and value in the big, small or even mini details, you act in accordance with our values, beliefs and behave in a way that’s respectable, honorable and creates a following 

Friday coaching focus…

=“Loving Aura.”

Love what you do and let it radiate through you.

Love who you work with and let it radiate through all you do. 

Let your words, body language, tone and delivery speak for itself that 

“This person absolutely loves what they do.”

That aura creates the space for magical things to happen. The most important thing is that people feel your love. 

Let it be obvious and let it be felt.

Today & everyday. 

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