Gym Owners & Coaches: Change Required

By Shawn McQueen, Two Brain Group Coaching Mentor 

What’s the most important thing for our members?

The “experience” they have.

The experience is everything. 

Included in the experience is our coaching, the staff, the energy, the vibe, the music, the ambiance, the programming, the way they are communicated to, all of it. 

The experience we provide is what keeps people coming back. 

Without these things what happens? 

Think for a moment, would members want to consistently come back if,

-We never coached them? (They’d question what they are paying for) 

-The music was at extremes, say always vulgar on one end or heavy metal blast (not being able to focus, be present and enjoy what they are doing)

-The staff wasn’t engaged with every member (They’d feel like just another number, uncared for)

-The programming didn’t provide results, was too difficult, or programmed for the 1-2% of people and not the 85-90% of people (I lose my excitement because I can never do what is programmed always making me feel inferior)

-The way they are communicated to is something like, “if you don’t have muscle ups just scale to pullups or ring rows today” or “If you can’t do this RX you need to scale it down.” 

Change Required:

We need to remove the word “scale” or “scaling” from our language and how we communicate to our members. 

Scale equals less than, not what you’re “supposed” to be doing. 

The whole idea behind scaling is to work towards “RX.”

And is that what members really want and need?

Did they join our gyms to “RX” workouts?

Was that what they said they wanted at that free consultation?

That simply is not the goal. 

Building cultures who want to work towards this imaginary victory of “RX”ing a workout is building a culture of “always never enough.”

The Change? 

People can adjust their workouts, customize their workouts and tailor their workouts with the Coaches guidance (done at the whiteboard.)

Where everyone can be doing the workout of the idea that fits their particular goals.

Break a sweat? 

Want to push yourself?
Looking to get closer to competing locally?

We can check all those boxes and never use the word scale.

I do this at my gym everyday. 

Language matters and “scale” has got to go. 

When you upgrade your communication and language selection members experience increases dramatically because they aren’t concerned with “did I RX or scale” the workout but they are focused on the best workout for them. 

And that’s an experience they want to repeat day after day, week after week, year after year. 

We teach this in the Two Brain Group Coaching Course. 

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