Gym Owners: Do You Have A Bad Coach In Your Tribe?

By Shawn McQueen, Two Brain Group Coaching Mentor 

Running a fluid and successful fitness coaching business like a CrossFit gym or personal training studio are built on consistent exceptional service delivery. 

Coaches should be continually stepping up their game to meet the broad needs of individual(s), continually add massive value and make the experience one you want to regularly repeat. 

What are the signs we have a bad coach amongst our tribe? 

Here are four categories of ‘red flag’  I’ve seen across my time that were red flags.

“The Creepy Coach.” 

The coach who makes either all women or certain women feel uncomfortable with their words, actions or behaviors. 

Our clients are expecting a safe place where they can be vulnerable.

The last thing they want is someone they are expected to trust to make them feel like this is no longer that place. 

“The Non-Committed Coach.”

The coach who punches in and punches out.  They aren’t invested in the larger picture and vision at play of what the business’ overall mission is. 

Their lack of commitment to that mission, vision, you and your members will only reflect in less than subpar service which will eventually rot a class from the inside out.  

Leading to attendance dropping, loss of desire to come to that particular class or class in general. 

“The Unprofessional Coach.” 

The coach who doesn’t take this role or job seriously. 

Perhaps they don’t prepare for their classes (via lesson planning) and their classes and performances suffer from it. 

Perhaps they communicate in ways that affect how members feel, not honing in on the communication skills needed to create a fun yet professional and thriving environment. 

Maybe they are reactionary to members being late. 

They lack emotional intelligence, body language awareness (crossed arms, hands in pocket, coffee in hand at whiteboard.) 


Worse, they de-value the experience by not being fully devoted and present by doing things like texting or being on their cell phone within points of class.

Ultimately leading members to question what they are paying for.

“The SELFISH Coach.”

The coach who is likely the or one of the fittest humans in their gym yet they continually seek the acknowledgement, praise and opportunities to talk about how good THEY are or what THEY’VE done. 

They are more invested in themselves, boasting about their score, results, even at times blurting out things like “PR!!” 

Not in a way where you want to rally behind and support them.

Done in a way seeking attention. 

They lack the situational awareness and qualities of the fit humble hero.

Our businesses are about our clients and members.

This coach will certainly rub people the wrong way with their approach causing members to no longer appreciate them in the same manner or even desire to be around them. 

These are red flag coaches in the making who already are, have or will affect your business and NOT in the way you want. 

Ultimately it’s up to YOU the Owner, the TEAM LEADER to determine if addressed can these issues be improved, fixed and eradicated.

Or do they need to go for the better of your business. 

Inaction will only hurt the business more. 

What’s your move?

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