How COVID Is Making You A Better Coach

Two-Brain gyms have successfully pivoted to online coaching.

Yesterday’s release of our comprehensive Online Coaching program means they’ll soon be growing again (in fact, many already are.)

Some coaches love online coaching; some hate it. But either way, practicing the delivery of your craft over the internet will make you better in person later.

Here’s how:

  1. You know your clients’ goals now.
    There’s a good chance that you didn’t know their goals before–if they just signed up for group classes at your gym, they might not have been asked.
    But now you know, and that means you can tailor their exercise, nutrition and mindset prescription to help them reach their goals.
    That means better engagement, better retention…and happier clients.
  2. You know how to tailor workouts better.
    Until now, most class coaches were taught to explain; demonstrate; and then identify movement faults.
    But clients don’t really care about movement faults. They care about losing weight or easing their low-back pain.
    Now you’re getting a lot of reps at customizing the workouts. If you continue to deliver this type of customization to people in person, they’ll work harder for you.
    (We actually built the First Degree course to help coaches get better at this, in person and online.)
  3. You’re expanding your exercise toolkit.
    You’re getting people fit without a barbell–and even without a gym. You’re searching far and wide for exercise selection so you’re not programming burpees every day. That will help keep people engaged in the long run.
  4. You’re learning the value of accountability.
    Most of the “big chain” gyms sell online accountability programs. They’re very scalable for the trainer, and their clients love them.
  5. You’re being forced to “act out”. 
    The trainers who usually do best online are the “Peloton” types. They can hold an audience’s attention for a full hour. Maybe you’re not used to being on stage, but practicing that over-the-top energy will help with engagement later too.
  6. You’re seeing things through your clients’ eyes.
    If you’re a full-time coach, you’re probably far away from the “carb closet” all day. There aren’t many nutritional distractions (or napping opportunities) when you’re in the gym.
    But now you see why your clients struggle with daily schedules, habits, distractions, temptations…because you’re stuck at home too.

How else is this crisis making you a better coach? We’d love to know!

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