How do you create demand for Mindset Coaching?

The biggest factor is in how much value an owner places on something. If you care about The Open, Weightlifting, or Nutrition for example, your clients begin to value that more.

When it comes to creating demand for mindset coaching, it’s up to the leaders in the gym – the owner and then coaching staff – to engage in it themselves and share their story. Be a role model for the behaviours you want your clients to adopt.

You don’t need to be perfect (spoiler alert – no one is!), just share your journey and the benefits you’ve gotten. From there, it’s an easier bridge to say to a client “hey, when I was in your situation I really benefited from this example of Mindset work, I’d love to coach you in how to use this mental skill.”

In tactical terms you can post about it on your social media, speak about in class, PTs, and Intros/Goals Reviews. In my gym we list it as an option in our intro. The exact words I use are “We give a sh!t about your mental health, no point having abs if you’re miserable inside.” (I deliberately swear to surprise them and so they know it’s not just an empty platitude.)

In Goal Reviews we ask them to rate their physical, social and emotional health out of 10. A little trick we learned from Tim Ferriss was that they can’t answer “7”, because it tells us nothing. 8 means it’s good.
 6 means we need to invest energy into it. That’s when we can suggest Mindset Coaching as an option. 

It’s a cliche, but a cliche for a reason. You need to be the change you want to see. You need to be the positive example. That’s step one. Step two is drawing a line for your clients from their goals to your services. We’ll cover that in next week’s piece… 😊

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