How To Become A Personal Trainer

The Two-Brain Coaching First Degree Course now includes 1:1 mentorship from a successful Personal Trainer!

Because anyone can become a personal trainer.

Not everyone can be a great one.

Your success as a personal trainer or fitness coach depends a lot on how you start your career. And for most people, college isn’t the answer. Read more here.

To get a running start as a personal trainer, you need:

  1. Knowledge (the right knowledge); and
  2. A mentor or model to follow.

I spent four years in school. Then I got certified over a weekend.

Ten years later, I was finally a good personal trainer. Lack of knowledge wasn’t the problem.

I had too much of the wrong knowledge: I could draw graphs on the floor for people all day long. And (as painful as it is to admit): I did!

It took me a long time to get good at building relationships. I didn’t know how.

I also didn’t understand how to motivate people; how to get them to show up; how to talk to them; how to charge for my time…none of it. I thought that being a successful personal trainer meant knowing the most about fitness. And that’s not true.

Having a mentor guide me would been like stepping into a time machine and skipping 5 years of painful trial-and-error learning.

I would have kept dozens of clients that I lost. I would have worked less and made more money.

I would have been a LOT happier.

For that reason, we just added Mentorship to our First Degree Coaching program.

We want personal trainers to get started FAST. And we want them to start their careers RIGHT.

We could just sell a simple online certification for $50 or something. That’s like selling a driver’s license. But after mentoring hundreds of gym owners and working with thousands of coaches around the world, I’ve learned that the coaches make the gym, and the models make the coaches.

Now, when a prospective coach starts their journey, they sign up for the First Degree Coaching program. In addition to the coursework, they’ll work 1:1 with a successful personal trainer to launch them in their career.

About the Mentor

I’ve worked with Mike Watson since 2002. After finishing his Kinesiology degree, Mike was hired at the Personal Training studio where I worked.

I left that studio in 2005 to open Catalyst Gym. Two weeks after I opened, Mike took me to breakfast and asked to come with me. I gave him an opportunity, not a job: he had to build his own book of clients and, ultimately, his own career.

He’s still coaching at Catalyst 15 years later. When Covid hit, Mike smoothly transitioned his clients online without losing a single one. After nearly two decades as a Personal Trainer, Mike has clients he’s kept for years, and a huge reputation in our city. He’s done it all: group coaching, 1:1 onsite, group coaching offsite; and even in-home 1:1. He has great experiences (and even better stories) in all of them.

New coaches will get the experience and education that I never had. They’ll progress faster than I ever did, and their careers will take them to heights we’ve never seen in the fitness business before.

Click here to enroll in our First Degree Coaching program:



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