How To Make More Money Coaching

Create more value.


If you’re a coach at a Two-Brain Gym, the path to making more money is simple:

  • Sit down with the gym owner in your Career Roadmap meeting
  • Tell them how much you’d like to make
  • Identify the opportunities to make more (personal training, nutrition coaching, online coaching, or group training)
  • Build the program.
  • The owner will help you sell it.


If you’re a coach at another gym, your opportunities are the same, but you’ll have to build the infrastructure to launch yourself.

  • Ask the gym owner if you can do personal training, and what they’ll charge you to leverage their space, equipment and audience.
  • Then ask the same question about nutrition coaching.
  • Acquire the credentials and insurance to deliver one of those, and then start cultivating an audience.
  • Build a personal Facebook page and collect email addresses. Start publishing a blog to establish your authority. Slowly accumulate clients to your service and deliver in a rudimentary way at first.
  • As you grow, upgrade your systems: piggyback on the gym’s software and billing systems if you can, or use your own if you plan to open your own business eventually.

This is the path I took, out of necessity. But if the owner of the gym where I worked had build a better foundation for me, I’d probably still be working there (and totally happy to do so.)


If you’re a personal trainer out on your own, you have to leverage your time better to make more money.

  • Scale up from 1:1 training to 2:1 or 4:1 training first. Here’s how to do it.
  • Offer short-term group challenges.
  • Add nutrition packages to your exercise coaching.
  • Sell accountability, habits and mindset packages online.
  • Hire another coach to take some of your client load (this was my first move when I went out on my own, but with the technology available now, I’d probably pursue the other options first.)


In the old economy, our parents traded time for money. If they wanted to earn more money, they traded more time for it. But in the new economy, technology creates levers for our time. Our new focus must be on value.


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