Is Your Client “too busy?” Do this.

Guest Post by Certified Two-Brain Business Mentor Jeff Jucha

If your client starts their day with good intentions but falls off the wagon when their schedule gets hectic, here’s what you can do as their coach.

Help them win their morning.

If their schedule depends on factors out of their control like kids, meetings, operations (I train surgeons), they need to win their mornings.

That can be bitter news to your client’s ears, but it’s good news because it means they have an option to stay in control. My most consistent clientele are the ones who put their workouts, “me-time,” and mindfulness practices in the morning. It’s not because they’re “morning people”; it’s because we removed the chance for distractions to get in the way throughout the day.

Have them map out their day the night before.

If your client’s mornings are locked in, ask them to take out a pen and paper and write out their day in short form {Time + Activity}. Instruct them only to add their current commitments, then look at the space between those commitments. Ask, “Would it be alright if we plug in some activities within those spaces that we just found?” Doing this optimizes the time they already have, without them feeling like they are “adding or making more time,” even if it’s just a few ten-minute walks.

For food, keep the pen and paper or use an app like Myfitnesspal and ask them to log the food they will eat tomorrow. I like to do this during check in calls if they feel lost or need guidance. If your client knows where their next meal is coming from, you’ve significantly reduced the chances of them getting off-track from poor planning.

Adjust their commitments to be with people instead of goals.

If your client “knows what to do, but just doesn’t do it,” their commitment to those action steps is too thin. Make their commitment more important by asking them to sign up for a workout class and telling someone they’re going and want to see them there. Will, they let themselves down? Sure, but will they let their friend down who is counting on them to be there? Far less likely.

Personal training works wonders for people suffering from “I know what to do, but just don’t do it-syndrome.” My online clients can book my zoom room for meetings with me at my personal training rate. Appointments reign king because they hurt to miss due to the human element that emails and in-app messages can’t replicate. It’s a tried and true to add a layer of accountability to their plan.

Looking for some education on how to work with people more effectively? Check out our option for 1-1 Coaching here. Delivering your fitness and/or nutrition online? Then I recommend our How to Coach Online course!

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