It’s Not About You, Coach.

Several years ago while coaching one of our morning classes, part of my workout brief went like this:

“Ok so a few of you asked how long this workout should take. Well when I did it, it took me about eight minutes, so you should plan to finish around 10-12 minutes…”

If that made you throw up in your mouth a little, I completely understand. Even just writing that made me cringe!

Can you imagine how small I made people feel that day?

Now thankfully I have great clients and after class one of them pulled me aside and said: “Hey Josh, I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I just had to let you know how incapable you made me feel with your brief today.”


I took that to heart and vowed to never use myself or anyone else as a beacon for what others should expect to do.

You see, doing that doesn’t honor the individual in front of you. It doesn’t honor their goals, their history, their intentions, or their capability on that day. This is as true in a group setting as it is 1-1.

So learn from me: It’s not about you, Coach. It’s about your client what what they’re capable of.

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