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Gym managers are charismatic, intelligent, self-motivated people with great organisation and communications skills. GMs are an important face in the business.

They also manage staff, so they need to be kind but clear leaders who are deeply invested in the business, it's clients and its staff.

The ideal candidate doesn't necessarily need to be a coach. They need to be customer service focused and could potentially use this as an opportunity to start their career or switch from retail, hospitality and other customer service based industries.

The must have a passion for health and fitness.

Great GMs:

  • Understand the vision of the gym and is committed to implementing it.
  • Must be well spoken and comfortable with in-person, over-the-phone and online communication.
  • Must be well organised and task oriented.
  • Are able to manage others and help others improve performance.
  • Often have strong skills in social media, spreadsheets, website management and general computing.
  • Earn the respect other staff members and lead by example.
  • Are knowledgeable about all aspects of the business.
  • Perform consistently well on evaluations.
  • Are timely and respectful of the standards of care and behaviour.

Roles and Tasks

  • Manage staff schedules.
  • Fill in and manage annual calendar.
  • Manage retail department.
  • Oversee client success manager (CSM).
  • Oversee social media manager (SMM).
  • Organise regular events.
  • Maintain the atmosphere, spirit and goals of the brand, including oversight of other staff.
  • Review current procedures and suggest appropriate updates.
  • Mentor staff through monthly one-on-ones as they build their careers.
  • Manage outreach and co-branding activities.



  • The gym manager's pay is linked to gym performance and they are paid a percentage of overall gym income.
  • They can also take on other roles at such as the client success manger, coaching, head coach, personal training and nutrition.
  • The right candidate will be able to build their ideal role to suit their individual goals.

How to apply

  • Send us your resume including links to your social media channels (2020 is a social media world so it helps us get to know you and see if you'll be a good fit).
  • Send us a cover letter telling us about your fitness experience and customer service experience.
  • Tell us about your goals and where you'd like to take your career. If we know what you want we can help you get there.
  • If you haven't already, do some home work on us. Visit our website and our social media channels.

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