Lunch In Less Than 60 Seconds

Written by Jennifer Broxterman, MSc, RD
Registered Dietitian, Founder of NutritionRx

Need an easy lunch idea? Try this 60 second picnic lunch

Healthy eating doesn’t always have to be complicated.

Take this finger foods “picnic lunch” that can be thrown together in less than one minute, consisting of:

• colourful veggies from a pre-chopped veggie bucket
• a handful of nuts
• a little bit of cheese
• some turkey
• a bowl of antioxidant-rich cherries (healthy eating win: a “smart carb” disguised as dessert!)

With many of us now working from home during the pandemic, the traditional “packed lunch” is less of a thing. Subsequently, many of us have lost the healthy routine of packing a lunch to bring to work, because we figure we have more time during the day to take care of this.

But if you’re like me, sometimes having too much time and flexibility to get a job done is often a disadvantage, specifically because there isn’t a defined point in time where the task gets completed as part of a healthy routine. And if there’s one thing being a nutrition coach for 10+ years has taught me, it’s that human beings love their routines. Moreover, healthy habits thrive when they’re part of a healthy routine.

So the next time you’re between Zoom calls, looming project deadlines, and the need to fuel your body with healthy food to keep you focused and energetic, don’t overcomplicate things.

See if you can throw together your own picnic lunch, aiming for at least ½ of the plate to be colourful vegetables, with your own mix of easy to grab protein-rich foods, healthy fats, and smart carbs.

Remember: Beginners complicate, experts simplify, and this is one quick and easy way to get a healthy lunch into your body without overthinking it.

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