Motivation doesn’t always result in action.  The motivation-action timeline tells us that we are far more likely to achieve our goals if the time between becoming motivated and taking action are reduced.

As coaches it is our job to steer clients to action when we learn about their motivation. 

When a prospective client states in a No-Sweat Intro that they want to think about the next steps I will often schedule them for their first session.  

Clients who express an interest in weight loss immediately get directed to our nutrition coach. 

Those who express interest in becoming better at gymnastics or Olympic lifting will get connected with the expert in our gym to discuss PT or specialty groups.  

If a client expresses an interest in running a marathon I make sure they register for one.  Then we work our way back from race day and create a plan.

It is our job to eliminate the barriers to success. 

When we learn of a client’s motivation to be better, to make change or to achieve a goal we should be paving the highway and handing them the map.

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