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The mission at Two-Brain Coaching is a bold one – we aim to build World Class Coaches. In coming up with that phrase, we realized that it was very subjective.

How do you measure how good a coach really is? Is it the coach who gets their client results the fastest? If so, does that depend on what the goals are in the first place?

Perhaps its the coach that has the best retention and keeps their clients the longest?

Maybe its the coach who commands the highest price for their services?

In the world of sports, is it the coach on the winningest team who is best?

Those are all very objective measurements – we can gather data and rank them from first to last.

But then, we’ve all got plenty of examples of the coach we’d describe as ‘less than good’ who wins seemingly at will. Same with the coach who puts their clients on an unsustainable crash diet to help him or her lose a few pounds the fastest.

So, where does that leave us? Well, I’m afraid that I can’t give you a definitive list of specific metrics. I can lay out common traits though. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • They coach based on principles, not methods.
  • They are patient, curious, and consistent.
  • They have fun and enjoy the process.
  • They pursue their craft as a profession, not a hobby.
  • They strive for depth in the relationship they have with a client.
  • They are not a martyr. They own their value and are confident in their competence.

Further, they realize that empowering their client with education is the ultimate tool to help him or her thrive in life. This means that on a long enough time frame, the client develops autonomy to fish on their own.

A world class coach is ok with this. In fact, this is the ultimate expression in coaching done effectively. No longer are they writing down sets and reps, talking about the importance of sleep, good nutrition and stress management. Conversations go deeper and life is lived in abundance.

What is my mission? To build a stable of coaches like the model described above.

After all, not everything that can be measured matters. And not everything that matters can be measured.

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