My Story – Mike Watson

When asked to write my story I started like most of us would by providing a timeline of how I’ve spent my 42 years.  It felt unnatural and boring to me. 

In the First Degree course we talk a great deal about relationship building and getting to know our clients through the 5 Points of Commonality.  

Here are mine:

KIDS:  I have been married to my beautiful wife Eden for eight years.  We have an amazing son Jack who is 7.  This kid is an amazing mountain biker and cross country skier, but we are most proud of how much he loves to work and how kind he is to others.

ANIMALS: I have always been a dog person but now find myself living with two cats Threeve and Steeve. I haven’t completely converted to being a cat person but I do talk to them an awful lot. 

FOOD: I love meat and I love to cook!  Jack and I are starting to get into fishing and I have a brother in law who hunts so we generally have a lot of fresh local meat to enjoy. 

SPORTS: Growing up I had opportunities to experience a lot of different sports.  I loved hockey and basketball.  In my late 20’s and 30’s I got into distance running and cycling completing a few marathons and duathlons.  I fell out of love with road running but have re-discovered trail running in the past few years and love being outside running on my own or mountain biking with Jack.  Living in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario we have an amazing system of trails right in our backyard.

TRAVEL: I really love to travel. Our most recent trip last year was to the island of Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos.  We rented a small house on the beach and ate fresh fish every day.   

Now that travel is less accessible we have recently purchased a small camp/cottage on Lake Superior as our getaway.  

CARS: I’m pretty boring when it comes to cars.  I drive a 2012 Dodge truck.  It’s brown, because brown was the cheapest.

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