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If you read a previous blog of mine, called ‘My Story’, you may have missed an innocuous detail about a blog called and Chris Cooper.

In fact Chris Cooper, better known as ‘Coop’, was the author of that blog, which formed the basis for how I opened my gym CFG all those years ago. Put another way, that blog helped me open the gym as a business, not merely a hobby.

Fast forward several years into owning a successful gym, I became part of the amazing team of mentors at Two-Brain Business. Our mission there is to help entrepreneurs achieve wealth.

While working with gym owners to help them turn their businesses around, I realized something – as we swung the pendulum back towards great business success, it swung away from great service delivery. Put another way – the quality of coaching had diminished.

This caused me to reflect back on all the coaching mentors who helped me along the way; things I found useful, the opportunities I was given, what mattered most in positively impacting clients, and what it looked like to really train a new coach.

It also helped that I had messed up training new coaches at my gym enough times because that showed me what didn’t work. Or rather, what didn’t produce the best coach – a World Class one.

After looking around the market in coach development, one thing was abundantly clear – people were doing things backwards. Finding coaches that were technically proficient was as easy as finding a sweating tourist at Disney World in the August heat.

But finding one that cared first, and cared enough to show up with a smile, day after day, on time and well prepared? That was a tougher one. And so, that is why I created Two-Brain Coaching – to build coaches who care about relationships first, and movement, exercise selection, and joint angles way after that.

Coaches who take initiative to help first, who want this to be their profession because of the deep fulfillment it provides, and who have a love of learning and teaching.

Because like Teddy Roosevelt famously declared: “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

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