Popsicle on a Platter

Could you imagine having a popsicle delivered to you poolside, on a silver platter, by a server wearing white gloves?


What if you had to place your order at a poolside phone called
“The Popsicle Hotline?”


This is a wonderful story from a book called ‘The Power of Moments’ by Chip and Dan Heath. Without giving too much away, what they were demonstrating was the power of delivering an excellent and memorable client experience. Not everyone remembers all the popsicles they’ve eaten, but you can be sure that if one were delivered in this way, you’d certainly remember it!


What your gym provides is coaching. Not access.


What other micro-gyms, call them competitors if you will (though they most certainly aren’t), provide is coaching. After they make the decision to buy from you, keeping them is a matter of how you make them feel.


Make them feel most at home at your gym and they stay.


Deliver an exceptional experience (like getting a poolside popsicle delivered on a silver platter), every time without fail, and you are sure to have those clients come back.


Not sure exactly how to do that? We’ve got you covered! The following  tips might seem quite basic, but get these right and I guarantee you’ll retain more clients…if for no other reason than they’ll be happier!


These are expanded on in our Second Degree course but here are our top-10 tips for delivering a great session:


 1. Greet everyone with a smile and their name


2. Use a bridge-back 


3. Ask about aches, pains, and injuries


4. SMILE…often!


5. Be prepared for the sessions


6. Be mindful of class flow


7. Your energy level should match what you want from the class


8. Coach everyone


9. Highlight bright spots


10. Thank them for coming


Ok, here’s one bonus tip: start class precisely on time!


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