Principle 1: Enjoy the Process

Two-Brain coaching is built on principles. We like to say that we are method-agnostic, meaning that we don’t teach you to adhere to one type of fitness methodology to help you get your clients that they are looking for. Having a principled approach means that you can use any methodology you wish – this affords you the freedom and flexibility to work with anyone, anywhere.

So what are these principles? Over the next several posts, we’ll do a deep dive into each of them. Up first:

Principle 1: Enjoy the Process

You deserve to enjoy what you do. You’ll be happier and your clients will keep coming back. Nobody will hang around a grump for too long.

You are here because you either want to start your journey to become a fitness coach or you want to take your coaching to the next level. In either case, your mindset should be this: becoming a world-class coach is not a destination. There is always more to learn.

Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m not saying that you will love every single step of every single day. That’s fairy tale talk.

So how do you enjoy the process? There are three ingredients: focus, effort, and time.

You need to know where you’re going.

You need to put in productive work.

You need to be consistent.

Why is it necessary to have these three in order to enjoy the process? Because it builds confidence.

If you are missing even one of these, your journey will be full of frustration.

You may find yourself busy, but not productive. This is where you give effort and time, but lack focus. Like a car driving across the country at 100 mph for 3 days…to find they were heading east when they were supposed to be going west.

Perhaps you spend your days looking at the goals you have written down, but fail to take that first step. You are giving time and focus, but no effort.

Maybe you know precisely where you want to go; perhaps a specific job you are going after. So you put in the work, but pack it in after just a few weeks…or months…or a year. You are frustrated that you haven’t made it yet. You gave focus and effort, but not for long enough.

You cannot have two of the three ingredients.

In order to enjoy the process, you need all three.

Focus keeps you moving where you want to go:

I want to become a coach at XYZ Gym” 

Effort is the actions you must take to get where you want to go:

“I need to do this course, study these materials, practice my social skills, every single day.”

Time is how long you put forth that effort:

“It will take me at least X hours of consistent, productive effort before I am cut free to coach my first client.” 

It feels good to know that you are working towards an actual goal. If feels good to put forth effort that is productive and provides value. And it feels good to not be blown about by the winds of the day – the discipline of consistent habits allow you to be proactive with your life, not reactive.

Enjoyment in the process builds confidence.

Are you drifting aimlessly, hoping that things just work out?

Or do have focus, effort, and time as your ally?

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