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Two-Brain Coaching: Nutrition Coaching PLUS Course

Everything you need to know about being a world-class nutrition coach.

The Nutrition Coaching Course by Two-Brain Coaching in partnership with NutritionRx is designed for anyone looking to add a nutrition coaching practice to their business model, and wants to develop the nutrition counseling, motivational interviewing, and people skills to become a world class nutrition coach.

    Help people embrace healthy eating, exercise, and taking great care of themselves.
    Encourage clients to become intuitive eaters and in touch with their bodies’ natural hunger and satiety cues to achieve a healthy weight.
    Our comprehensive science-based system is designed to take the guesswork out of nutrition coaching.

With this course, you’ll be able to help your clients cut through the confusion around what to eat, and master the nutrition fundamentals so they can develop a life-long healthy and happy relationship with food. 

You’ll leave this course:

  • Knowledgeable, confident, and ready to offer nutrition coaching to your clients
  • With a stronger ability to get your clients better results, and help improve their overall health
  • With an additional business revenue stream, boosting your average client value and overall profitability
  • More flexibility and stability to your income earning-potential as a fitness and nutrition coach
  • With more than 30 BONUS nutrition handouts, email scripts, and client resources you can put into use with your own clients, without having to create counselling tools from scratch
  • With three personalized 1-on-1 mentoring coaching calls to help you put what you’re learning into practice to help launch your nutrition business


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All purchases will be made available to the Purchaser only through a unique access account on the Two-Brain Coaching website.  Sharing of any account logins or providing of access to unauthorized individuals will result in suspension of account, revocation of access and all monies will be forfeited with no refunds available.  Authorized individuals include product purchaser as specified in product descriptions. This policy applies to online course access as well as all 1-1 Mentoring Calls. All authorized individuals are bound by the NDA agreements in these terms.






51 reviews for Nutrition Coaching PLUS

  1. David Clarke

    Jennifer Broxterman and team have put together a really well designed course with the Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching certification. The course itself offers a wealth of scenarios that delve into practical applications of knowledge when coaching. The 20 lesson modules and the three mentoring calls made me feel extremely confident about my ability to successfully coach clients. Furthermore, my mentor for the calls was the knowledgeable and personable Bethany Staubitz. On each call she checked in with where I was on my journey, and she was always empowering and encouraging as she answered questions and talked me through what to expect from this new career path for myself. She’s a wonderful mentor. I definitely recommend this course and Bethany as a mentor to anyone who is interested in becoming a nutrition coach.

  2. Miranda Mayhew

    I recently completed Jennifer’s Nutrition Coaching course and have turned my nutrition coaching business around with her mentorship. The lessons simplified and seriously improved my nutrition coaching process.

    The tools and resources made available for shifting to(or improving) a nutrition practice based on behaviour change are AWESOME. Jen provides the perfect toolbox to maximize skills without overcomplicating.

    Jen is an amazing mentor and teacher….I will be revisiting often and watching recorded lessons repeatedly I highly recommend working with Jennifer!

  3. Dustin Barber

    My wife and I recently completed Two Brain/NutritionRx Nutrition Coaching Course. I can honestly say it was money well spent. If you’re looking to step up your game (or even if you’re starting from scratch), this course will give you ALL of the tools needed to bring success to your clients!!


    To other Fitness or Nutrition professionals…

    If you don’t currently have a functioning nutrition program or need to revamp yours and you are at all hesitant to holding back on signing up for Jen’s coaching course – don’t! It’s worth every penny and more!! Not only that, it has helped me personally wade through some of the negative “stuff” going on currently and focus on a way to increase revenue.

    I literally can’t recommend it highly enough. Since it’s self guided, you can go at your own pace. Plus you get a TON of useful resources for your clients. I’m now confident and ready to start booking nutrition clients and help even more people. Thanks Jen and NutritionRx!!

  5. Sam Touil

    From the moment I looked at the overview of this course on the website, I knew I had found the right course for me. I felt excited but also a little nervous. However, I was so impressed with the depth of information and support I received throughout my studies, that I needn’t have worried. The course materials are engaging and informative and provided some great inspiration during the pandemic. Jen has a vast breadth of knowledge and her support has been invaluable- going above and beyond to provide useful tips, tons of additional resources as well as practical advice during our mentoring calls. She truly is a world-class coach!

  6. Russell Francis

    I hired a new employee mid-September who had applied for a coach’s role I’d advertised. He had very little experience coaching but had used his spare time after being furloughed from his job in PR to get his NASM Personal Training and Nutrition Certifications. His story and his drive and ambition impressed me so I offered him the role of Nutrition coach to start (ours had quit so the timing was perfect) and the chance to intern as a PT/group coach with us. After the Summit, I paid for the TBC Nutrition Coaching program for him and he’s already covered the cost with 2 new clients (FER of $1600). He loved his mentoring calls with Bethany that gave him a lot of confidence in his No Snack Intros and his ability to talk to his clients. Highly recommend it to anyone thinking about taking this course, or putting a nutrition coach through it.

  7. Jolynn Langley

    I recently completed the Two-Brain Nutrition Course put together by Jennifer Broxterman and her team at NutritionRx. Wow! I was looking for a practical course that offered elements of motivational interviewing, along with tools, to help me better coach habit-based nutrition coaching. The course did just that! The 3, 1-hour mentoring calls were invaluable for me. Jennifer helped me connect the lessons and tools to my coaching (style) and walked me through how I could use them with my clients.

    I value education, but even more, I value being able to apply and use it! This course did just that.

  8. Amanda Wood

    Jennifer is truly a gem. I am a seasoned Nutrition Coach and I have taken quite a few different Nutrition Courses. I recently completed the Two-Brain Nutrition Course. This course dove into the Motivational Interviewing side of coaching (the most important part in my opinion!!) and provides actionable resources that you can start implementing into your practice immediately. The mentoring calls with Jennifer each provided golden nuggets of knowledge and wisdom and reassured me that I can level up my coaching practice! Jennifer’s knowledge and experience around Motivational Interviewing shined through every conversation with her. This course is worth every penny and I really enjoyed it! Thank you Jennifer!

  9. Jessica Sally

    Jennifer Broxterman MSc, RD is empathetic, caring and truly passionate about helping others. The Nutrition Coaching Course she’s developed with Two Brain Coaching is completely worth the price. I had taken the PN level 1 course a few years ago, but this course filled in the missing pieces. It helped with practical application and putting the clients needs first. The 3 mentoring calls that came with the course were truly invaluable for helping me build my coaching business. I wish I had taken this course sooner!

  10. John Mack

    I had the opportunity to be mentored by Jennifer through the Two Brain Nutrition Coaching program. Jennifer is great! Not only is she super knowledgeable, but she is willing to help in whatever capacity to help you succeed. I wish I could leave more than 5 stars! – Sarah Triolo

  11. Michael Grondin

    I just completed the Two-Brain Coaching Nutrition Course for my gym. My team and I were already familiar with many Nutrition Concepts, because it was part of our Kinesiologist degree in Quebec. This course put together the theory and the practice together. It is a game changer in our professional practice. The course provided help with motivational interviewing and many user-friendly tools to help me better coach habit-based nutrition coaching. The 3, 1-hour mentoring calls with Jennifer taught me how to connect the lessons and tools in the course to coaching my own nutrition clients.

    I value education, but even more, I value being able to apply and use it! This course did just that. I highly recommend this course to all serious Fitness Professionals and gym owners wanting to significantly improve their team.

  12. Stacy Clark

    Bethany was my Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching mentor and as part of the course, we met online three times. She is a great listener which enabled us to have an easy rapport. Bethany embodies the very style of client-focused coaching taught in the course, and she offered me open and honest insight into nutrition coaching.

  13. Melissa McDowell

    I completed the NutritionRx/Two-Brain Coaching Course and it was amazing! It was just the help I needed to get my nutrition business on the right track. My mentor, Bethany, was super gracious and helpful. I would highly recommend their course and their services. If you are on the fence, just do it! You won’t regret it!

  14. Darren Thornton

    If you’re looking for nutrition coaching or help to become a better nutrition coach, this team has it covered. Jen has a successful nutrition business and is now teaching others, like myself, how to improve or start their own nutrition businesses. The course has a ton of resources and 1-1 calls that allow you to ask questions and get further ideas based on your situation.

  15. Holli Frazell

    We had a vacancy on our NapTown Nutrition team come up about a month ago. Without missing a beat, our HR director and Kids Coach (Holli) stepped up and said “I want to help with Nutrition”. Fast forward about 4 weeks and Holli has completed the Two Brain course and is ready to take on clients.

    She LOVED the course! She said she feels 100% ready to take on clients right away and she is anxious to get her skills out there for our members to benefit from.

    Thanks TBB Nutrition team!

    – Peter Brasovan, CFO & Co-Owner of NapTown Fitness
    – Holli Frazell, Nutrition Coach, NaptTown Fitness

  16. Vaughn Smith

    I definitely feel value for the amount I’ve learned over the course. As a biology teacher (with dual majors in biology/health education), I felt confident in my understanding of nutritional basics. My mind has been blown, however, by the motivational interviewing strategies and the amount of counseling required to help foster healthy behavioral change. This has helped me to review my prior knowledge and experiences from an entirely different perspective. The course has taken my scientific understanding and made it applicable to actually helping people and starting a business in the nutrition space. I highly recommend this Nutrition Coaching Course to others.

    -Vaughn Smith, CrossFit Justice

  17. Victoria Piemontese

    Such an amazing Nutrition Coaching and Mentoring Course! To say at the least, my mentor Jennifer was the best person I have met and talked to in the field. She could not have created and presented this course any better than she has! Jennifer really helped me understand and focus on what the basic fundamentals of nutrition are to teach and help my clients…without confusing myself or my clients. I think the most impactful take away from this course for me would be how much confidence I gained. I never realized the way I was communicating to my clients could make a difference in my own and my clients success in nutrition coaching. Through the mentoring calls, role plays, and helpful resources explaining visually different nutrition fundamentals, I feel the most confident I ever have not only in coaching my clients, but with my everyday self as well.

    Thank you so much Jennifer! <3

  18. Davina Friese

    Wow! What a life changing course this has been! If you are looking to improve on or develop motivational interviewing skills, and be the best client-centered coach you can be, this course will help. You will receive a plethora of resources to use with your clients, and receive instruction on how to help Level 1, 2, and 3 clients achieve their goals. The three hour long mentoring calls included are so helpful, and you will be able to practice your new skills with your mentoring coach. A special shout out to Jennifer – I completed three mentoring calls with her, and she is a special person with a big heart. I feel so honored I was able to talk with her one on one and receive guidance from her. Her years of experience as a Dietician & nutrition coach with motivational interviewing makes her an expert in the field.

    I absolutely LOVED the course and will go through it again and again. If you would like to grow as a client-centered coach with impressive motivational skills, this course is for you!

  19. Ben Jakeman (verified owner)

    I feel blessed to have Jen mentor us through the course, a truly refreshing outlook on a client centred approach to health, nutrition is an obvious part of it and the focus around habits I love.

    Yet nutrition is only 1 part of the puzzle, would you start a puzzle without finding the corners 1st?


    It instantly had me look at my own habits and motivated me to lead by example and practice what we preach.

    After nearly 2 years with another provider we switched, the best decision ever for our business!

    The teaching style, values and motivational interviewing skills have had us go back to basics, adopt a beginners Mindset (SHOSHIN) and like the nutrition, don’t add another habit until the basics are nailed down.

    You wouldn’t build your house on soft ground, so why would you build a nutrition business on poor foundations

    Our delivery has changed, we are using more powerful questions, better conversations and better relationships are being cultivated

    Empower your clients today by jumping onboard with Jen and the team

    Only if you’re ready to be open minded and change yourself 🙂

    -Ben Jakeman, Director
    Ulysses Fitness and Nutrition

  20. Abby Duffy

    Following the NutritionRx & Two-Brain nutrition certification course was the first time I have ever done something to further my nutrition and I am so happy for the experience. The course was perfect for a beginner because it was not overwhelming with technical or very “sciencey” stuff. I am excited to take what I’ve learned and help people change their lives.

  21. Amy Hogaboom

    This nutrition course and mentoring has been amazing! I have taken other courses that left me overwhelmed and confused where to start. This course is so well written and straightforward. My mentor, Jennifer, has been amazing and provided additional resources to help me build my program and answer some challenging questions. A++ all around!

    Amy Hogaboom
    Owner/Head Coach of North Durham Fitness

  22. Kristina Johnston

    I found the Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching Course very informative. It gave me the skills and confidence to coach nutrition in our gym. The help I got from my mentor Bethany was amazing, super personalized, and very helpful. She answered all my questions. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to level up their nutrition skills.

  23. Cynthia Fotti

    The Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching Course & Certification has become the prerequisite to becoming a nutrition coach at our gym. A perfect balance between the science of nutrition and the psychology of behavior change. In addition, the mentoring calls are instrumental to taking the knowledge acquired and turning it into a nutrition coaching business. I HIGHLY recommend this course!

    -Cynthia Fotti
    Owner, CrossFit Rush

  24. Cal Bauer

    Cannot recommend this course enough. I did a lot of research to find the right nutrition course for me to do, and once I found this one it was a no brainer. It perfectly combines the science and practice by going not only into in depth explanation of nutritional science as a whole, but then also how to work with folks to implement using positive habit based strategies. The 3 mentoring calls with Jen were informative and encouraging, I always left them with a great grasp of the material we went over and a very positive outlook on my future working with clients.

  25. Lexi Rule

    This was just the course I was looking for! After going through a different nutrition certification a year ago, I found it was really lacking and didn’t align with my views at all. This course was amazing. The content was so helpful and I actually felt like I not only learned techniques to use for my clients, but I was able to apply them to myself as well! The focus of mindfulness and making lasting change is wonderful. Jen is so kind and knowledgeable. The mentoring calls were very productive and I never felt like I was being pressured into doing anything I didn’t agree with. I love the fact that it includes the science portion, but also how to improve your motivational interviewing. If you’re considering taking this course, DO IT! You won’t regret it.

    -Lexi Rule
    Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer
    Ardent Fitness and Education

  26. Dominik Bourgeois

    I’m a student in nutrition, and this course has taught me so much about things I didn’t know! I’ve always been a person that loves to help people with their nutrition and exercise, but I’ve never given that much thought about motivational interviewing! Since then I understand the background behind certain health problems! Olivia was my mentor for my 3 mentoring calls and she was amazing! She had the answers to all my questions and great tips on how to be better! Jen as well!

    If anyone wants to learn more about nutrition or coaching nutrition, this is THE PLACE TO GO!! Highly recommend Two-Brain and NutritionRx!!

    Thanks Jen for the course.
    And thanks Olivia for the mentoring calls! 🙂

    -Dominik Bourgeos
    Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Rush

  27. Dominik Bourgeois

    Je suis étudiant en nutrition et ce cours m’a appris tellement de choses que je ne savais pas! J’ai toujours été une personne qui aime aider les gens avec leur alimentation et leur exercice, mais je n’ai jamais beaucoup réfléchi aux discussions de motivation! Depuis, je comprends le contexte de certains problèmes de santé! Olivia était mon mentor pour mes 3 appels de mentorat et elle était incroyable! Elle a répondu à toutes mes questions et de bons conseils pour être meilleur! Jen aussi!

    Si quelqu’un veut en savoir plus sur la nutrition ou le coaching nutritionnel, c’est LE ENDROIT À ALLER !! Je recommande fortement Two-Brain et NutritionRx!!

    Merci Jen pour les leçons
    Et merci Olivia pour les appels de mentorat! 🙂

    -Dominik Bourgeos
    Coach en Nutrition, CrossFit Rush

  28. Renee Kozachanko

    I have taken three nutrition coaching certification courses. Two-brain by far left me feeling the most informed with practical knowledge, resources and tools to implement with clients. After all three of my calls with Jen I felt excited and more equipped with motivational interviewing skills and all my questions answered. This nutrition coarse boosted my confidence and knowledge as a coach. If you are already certified or are looking for continues education, this is your course! Thank you Jen and Two-Brain!

    – Renee Kozachanko
    Nutrition Coach, HOP Fitness

  29. Tatiana Otis

    I went through their Nutrition Coaching Course and it was so valuable. My mentor Nicky helped me work through a lot of pre-program launch worries, helped me set clear and concise goals for myself as a coach, and made me feel confident in launching a nutrition program. I highly recommend this program and Nicky as a mentor!

  30. Kayla Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    I recently completed the Nutrition Coaching Course with Jen and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to sharpen counseling skills or learn the basics of nutrition science. I came into this as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and knew that the nutrition science part would be a review (but it’s always good to brush up on it!!) for the most part. It was so nice to have a refresher after being out of school for a few years. My biggest takeaway was new techniques to use for counseling. I have my go-to tools that I use but I left this course with even more tools that I know will be extremely helpful to the clients I am working with. Jen explains everything in a way that is easy to understand so that no matter what your background is, you will leave with a wealth of knowledge!

    -Kayla Fitzgerald, Registered Dietitian
    Head Nutrition Coach, Locomotion Fitness

  31. Chelsea Patenaude

    With all of the information and all of the courses available right now for nutrition, the nutrition course they offer stands out among them. Not only are you learning the science and foundational knowledge you need as a nutrition coach, but also you are receiving valuable skills to communicate this knowledge to your client and help the principles stick in a healthy way. They help you, as a coach, really understand and dial in to making nutrition as unique as the client you are helping. My course mentor Samantha was one of the best mentors I could hope for during the process (and even now)! The thoughtfulness and empathy she brings to the table really helped me internalize an approach that is beneficial to the client long term. She helped me focus in and actually understand how to apply what I’m learning to help the people in my care. I love working with her!

    Chelsea Patenaude
    Nutrition Coach, Holy City CrossFit

  32. Charisse Carabin

    I had the pleasure of completing the Two Brain Nutrition Coaching course with Jennifer. I am a Precision Nutrition Level 1 graduate, but lacked the confidence and the know-how to begin nutrition coaching on my own. Jennifer’s nutrition course was incredible. Her videos were amazing and so full of information, and helped to clarify many of the questions that had been going through my mind the last few months. She provides so many helpful resources to use with clients and the mentoring calls were super helpful. Before I even finished the course, with the help of the mentoring calls included with this program I am proud to say that I successfully added 28 new nutrition clients to my coaching roster and I feel so much more confident in my ability to help people. Definitely worth it!!

    Charisse Carabin
    Jono Athletics
    Co-Owner & Head Nutrition Coach

  33. Jennifer Markwardt (verified owner)

    A huge thank you to Jen Broxterman and the NutritionRx Two Brain Course. I didn’t think it was possible to want to binge-watch anything but Netflix, but Jen’s course was 100% binge-worthy.

    As a PN nutrition coach for the last 3 years I was skeptical of what more I could get from another certification. Jen’s course is so much more than macros and meal plans. The philosophy, knowledge, and tools my head coach and I are taking away from this course have already been game-changing for us and our clients. If you’re looking to have more meaningful, life-changing conversations with your clients this course is a must. Unlike other programs where I felt like 90% of what I was learning I would never use with a client–every module in Jen’s course was so applicable. I found myself taking pages of notes and going back and rewatching to glean even more.

    So what’s the bright spot besides hundreds of new tools and resources to use with clients? Well, since starting the program in late December we’ve seen incredible growth in our nutrition program and substantially better retention from our existing clients. Jen taught us how to reframe the journey and instead of focusing on short 1-3 month commitments from clients we’re now focusing on 6-12 months. In terms of revenue, before the course we were hovering between $1,000-$1,500 a month in nutrition income. The majority of our yearly nutrition income was dependent on challenges which we were completely burnt out on. This month our nutrition program will do $4,000 and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can achieve!

    Jenn Markwardt
    Sandpoint Strength
    Co-Owner & Nutrition Coach

  34. Katrin Pekler

    I have worked with Nicky Otto as my mentor during the nutrition program over the last couple of weeks.

    Honestly, anyone who is aiming to work as a nutrition coach should take part in this mentoring course. It is exceptionally practice-oriented, very well presented and offers a huge amount of material to be used when working with your own clients.
    Furthermore, Nicky is an amazing mentor! She gave me a lot of confidence on how to approach my clients (focus on motivational interviewing!) and how to structure the packages I would like to offer.

    This Nutrition Coaching Course is definitely 5 Stars!!!

    -Katrin Pekler, Nutrition Coach
    CrossFit WN, Austria

  35. Sara Aronsson

    I was afraid that the nutrition course would be challenging because it is in another language, but the course is very easy to absorb and provides so many good tools for long-term results. Amazing course on how I coach my clients with diet and NutritionRX has given me the confidence to start my own practice.

    Sara Aronsson
    CrossFit Nacka in Sweden

  36. Falko Heytens

    Did the Nutrition Coaching course and i’m very glad I followed the course. It’s a course that is very practical and was just what I was looking for.

    If you already followed some theoretical nutrition courses this one can help to translate the theory in practice.

    – Falko Heytens
    Owner of The Flock, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach
    Wevelgem Moorsele, Flanders, Belgium

  37. Angie Bryant

    I worked with Nicky Otto during my NutritionRx / Two-Brain nutrition coaching course and she was a really wonderful mentor! Answered all my questions and helped me to get on the right path with my own nutrition program. I would definitely recommend this course to other nutrition coaches.

    – Angie Bryant, CF-L1
    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer & Nutrition Coach
    CrossFit NE Georgia

  38. James Engesser (verified owner)

    The Nutrition coaching course really helped me build and solidify a nutrition program within my gym business! The best part, the course took myself and my lead nutrition coach through the program together (we did the Nutrition PLUS version). I was able to work side-by-side with my coach to build a program that works best for our gym. We went from a nonexistent nutrition program, to one that has 10 committed clients in 2 months. The best part is helping my coach make more money, while working less! I would highly recommend NutritionRx & Two-Brain’s Nutrition Coaching Course to any person who wants to coach nutrition and build a solid coaching business!

    James Engesser
    Owner, Hustle One Fitness

  39. Mark Oscroft

    I’ve just completed the NutritionRx/Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching Course and I found this course fantastic! Not only did I learn about the nutrition side of things, but also how to deliver the content through motivational interviewing so your clients will get quality service. My mentor throughout the course was Olivia, and she was very helpful in keeping me on track and guiding me through the course material. Her knowledge and professionalism were outstanding – thank you for being my mentor!

    Mark Oscroft
    Owner & Head Coach
    Crossfit Tamworth

  40. Stefanie Di Tella

    As a fellow Registered Dietitian and new small business owner, I found immense value in Jennifers’ Nutrition Coaching program with Two-Brain Coaching. Jen tailored our mentoring calls to my specific needs and we were able to go in-depth on what it takes to elevate your business to the next level. This course also allowed me to re-evaluate my current counselling techniques and has equipped me with a new point of view for nutrition counselling, plus the tools on how to better coach my clients. I highly recommend this course for not only nutrition coaches, but Registered Dietitian’s as well who are looking to improve their nutrition counselling skills and take their business to the next level!

    Stefanie Di Tella, RD
    Registered Dietitian
    Owner, Fuel with Stef

  41. Michael Kirby

    Working with Jen was a treat!! (get it??) Seriously, very professional and fun at the same time. So extremely helpful in whatever you are wanting to accomplish through the Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching Course. Not only has it helped me with my own nutritional struggles, but will continue to help me help others, which is what we are all here for. Thanks Jen!!

    Michael Kirby

    Owner & Head Coach, FTGF Fitness
    Level 2 CrossFit Trainer
    CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
    Two-Brain/NutritionRx Nutrition Coach

  42. Lisa Blagus

    I had the pleasure of completing the Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching Course with Tela Verrelli as my nutrition mentor. She was so great to work with – very knowledgeable and confident. She helped me prepare my own Nutrition Coaching Business. I would strongly recommend the course, as well as Tela!!

    Lisa Blagus

  43. Summer Yost

    I just wrapped up the Two-Brain nutrition coaching course! The materials of the course are very easy to follow and complete at your own pace. Jennifer is an awesome mentor and I genuinely loved our meetings, I can see why many clients love to work with her and the Two-Brain Coaching group.

    Summer Yost
    Nutrition Coach, Elizabethtown Fitness and Performance

  44. Danielle Shepard

    I recently completed the Two-Brain Coaching Nutrition course and LOVED it. Jen’s lectures were so informative and personal. I felt like she had filmed the videos just for me. I worked with Tela as my mentor. I will admit I was so nervous for our first virtual meeting. I must admit that I am over the online meet and greets since COVID has impacted us all; it feels so cold and informal. But Tela was so warm and welcoming, I really felt like I was there sharing a cup of tea discussing information with her in person. She was so helpful with ideas and resources. I quickly went from a sense of dread to looking forward to our chats and her sharing her wisdom with me. If you are on the fence, I cannot recommend this program enough. I am so excited to share my knowledge with future clients. I am already putting to work some of the skills learned in my own life!

    Danielle Shepard
    Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Black Bear

  45. Anthony Marmora

    My team just recently finished doing the Two-Brain Coaching/NutritionRx’s nutrition course (PLUS version) and it was top notch! Easy to learn, understand and most importantly implement right away. We loved Jennifer’s videos throughout the course, and loved working with Tela on all our mentorship calls. Tela gave us great ideas and helped walk us through what nutrition coaching is all about including a step by step system for working with clients. If you’re reading this, do this course!

    Anthony Marmora
    Owner, The Fit Room

  46. Erin Winslow

    I have worked with Tela over the last few months as my nutrition mentor and she was so helpful, kind, and organized! I feel very confident going into coaching my own clients after completing the Two-Brain/NutritionRx nutrition certification program with her help 🙂

    Erin Winslow
    Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Santa Barbara

  47. Abby Frick (verified owner)

    I have learned so many things from the Two-Brain Coaching Nutrition course and the 3 included mentoring calls. The support you get throughout the course is amazing! I could not have asked for a better experience. I will continue to use them as mentors as I grow my business.

    Abby Frick
    Owner & Head Nutrition Coach, Sterling Fitness

  48. Elena Pomarici

    The Two-Brain Nutrition coaching course was extremely beneficial in giving me the tools to grow our nutrition business out of our fitness facility. Jen and her team did a great job with making the information very applicable and easy to understand, while still adding great detail. Tela Verrelli was my mentor throughout the course, and the mentoring calls were a great addition so that we could talk out any questions I had. Highly recommend the course!

    Elena Pomarici, Nutrition Coach
    Hygge Fitness, Mount Laurel, NJ, United States

  49. Woodshed Strength

    I just completed the Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching Course under the outstanding mentorship of Tela Verrelli. Can’t say enough good things about how comprehensive, realistic, and client-centered this nutrition course was, and Tela was awesome every step of the way. I truly feel ready to help our clients feel awesome!

    Justin Keane
    Gym Owner, Woodshed Strength and Conditioning LLC
    Littleton, Massachusetts, United States

  50. Chris Follick (verified owner)

    My coach & I loved the Nutrition Coaching Course PLUS program built by Jen & her staff. Being mentored by her was so eye opening in how I’ve approached fitness & nutrition counseling, very coach centered. This is exactly the opposite, client focused, & it works sooooo much better. If you are looking to be mentored, Jen is your girl. If you need to be counseled in lifestyle & nutrition habits there is no better place!!

    Chris Follick
    Gym Owner, CrossFit Justice (Milford, Michigan, United States)

  51. Hunter Dorman

    Tela was my mentor while completing the Two-Brain Coaching / Nutrition RX course for Nutrition Coaching at my gym. She was very knowledgeable, patient, and had a ton of great ideas that were easy to implement to help me run a successful Nutrition Program. I highly recommend Tela and this Nutrition Coaching Course for Nutrition Coaching & Training!

    Hunter Dorman
    Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Port Orange (Daytona Beach, Florida, United States)

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