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Two-Brain Coaching: Nutrition Coaching Course




Everything you need to know about being a world-class nutrition coach.

The Nutrition Coaching Course by Two-Brain Coaching in partnership with NutritionRx is designed for anyone looking to add a nutrition coaching practice to their business model, and wants to develop the nutrition counseling, motivational interviewing, and people skills to become a world class nutrition coach.

    Help people embrace healthy eating, exercise, and taking great care of themselves.
    Encourage clients to become intuitive eaters and in touch with their bodies’ natural hunger and satiety cues to achieve a healthy weight.
    Our comprehensive science-based system is designed to take the guesswork out of nutrition coaching.

With this course, you’ll be able to help your clients cut through the confusion around what to eat, and master the nutrition fundamentals so they can develop a life-long healthy and happy relationship with food. 

You’ll leave this course:

  • Knowledgeable, confident, and ready to offer nutrition coaching to your clients
  • With a stronger ability to get your clients better results, and help improve their overall health
  • With an additional business revenue stream, boosting your average client value and overall profitability
  • More flexibility and stability to your income earning-potential as a fitness and nutrition coach
  • With more than 30 BONUS nutrition handouts, email scripts, and client resources you can put into use with your own clients, without having to create counselling tools from scratch
  • With three personalized 1-on-1 mentoring coaching calls to help you put what you’re learning into practice to help launch your nutrition business

20 reviews for Nutrition Coaching

  1. Miranda Mayhew (verified owner)

    This is course is a major game changer – it is packed with excellent, practical teachings that I am using daily with Catalyst Nutrition clients, that have simplified and seriously improved my nutrition coaching process.

    The tools and resources made available for shifting to(or improving) a nutrition practice based on behavior change are AWESOME. For your coaches that have those intrinsic connection-making qualities that cannot be taught, this course provides the perfect toolbox to maximize those skills without overcomplicating. Jen is an amazing mentor and teacher….there are several modules so helpful that I will be revisiting often and watching repeatedly!

  2. David Clarke

    Jennifer Broxterman and team have put together a really well designed course with the Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching certification. The course itself offers a wealth of scenarios that delve into practical applications of knowledge when coaching. The 20 lesson modules and the three mentoring calls made me feel extremely confident about my ability to successfully coach clients. Furthermore, my mentor for the calls was the knowledgeable and personable Bethany Staubitz. On each call she checked in with where I was on my journey, and she was always empowering and encouraging as she answered questions and talked me through what to expect from this new career path for myself. She’s a wonderful mentor. I definitely recommend this course and Bethany as a mentor to anyone who is interested in becoming a nutrition coach.

  3. Dustin Barber (verified owner)

    My wife and I recently completed Two Brain/NutritionRx Nutrition Coaching Course. I can honestly say it was money well spent. If you’re looking to step up your game (or even if you’re starting from scratch), this course will give you ALL of the tools needed to bring success to your clients!!

  4. EMILY CABRAL (verified owner)

    To other Fitness or Nutrition professionals…

    If you don’t currently have a functioning nutrition program or need to revamp yours and you are at all hesitant to holding back on signing up for Jen’s coaching course – don’t! It’s worth every penny and more!! Not only that, it has helped me personally wade through some of the negative “stuff” going on currently and focus on a way to increase revenue.

    I literally can’t recommend it highly enough. Since it’s self guided, you can go at your own pace. Plus you get a TON of useful resources for your clients. I’m now confident and ready to start booking nutrition clients and help even more people. Thanks Jen and NutritionRx!!

  5. Sam Touil (verified owner)

    From the moment I looked at the overview of this course on the website, I knew I had found the right course for me. I felt excited but also a little nervous. However, I was so impressed with the depth of information and support I received throughout my studies, that I needn’t have worried. The course materials are engaging and informative and provided some great inspiration during the pandemic. Jen has a vast breadth of knowledge and her support has been invaluable- going above and beyond to provide useful tips, tons of additional resources as well as practical advice during our mentoring calls. She truly is a world-class coach!

  6. Russell Francis (verified owner)

    I hired a new employee mid-September who had applied for a coach’s role I’d advertised. He had very little experience coaching but had used his spare time after being furloughed from his job in PR to get his NASM Personal Training and Nutrition Certifications. His story and his drive and ambition impressed me so I offered him the role of Nutrition coach to start (ours had quit so the timing was perfect) and the chance to intern as a PT/group coach with us. After the Summit, I paid for the TBC Nutrition Coaching program for him and he’s already covered the cost with 2 new clients (FER of $1600). He loved his mentoring calls with Bethany that gave him a lot of confidence in his No Snack Intros and his ability to talk to his clients. Highly recommend it to anyone thinking about taking this course, or putting a nutrition coach through it.

  7. Jolynn Langley

    I recently completed the Two-Brain Nutrition Course put together by Jennifer Broxterman and her team at NutritionRx. Wow! I was looking for a practical course that offered elements of motivational interviewing, along with tools, to help me better coach habit-based nutrition coaching. The course did just that! The 3, 1-hour mentoring calls were invaluable for me. Jennifer helped me connect the lessons and tools to my coaching (style) and walked me through how I could use them with my clients.

    I value education, but even more, I value being able to apply and use it! This course did just that.

  8. Amanda Wood (verified owner)

    Jennifer is truly a gem. I am a seasoned Nutrition Coach and I have taken quite a few different Nutrition Courses. I recently completed the Two-Brain Nutrition Course. This course dove into the Motivational Interviewing side of coaching (the most important part in my opinion!!) and provides actionable resources that you can start implementing into your practice immediately. The mentoring calls with Jennifer each provided golden nuggets of knowledge and wisdom and reassured me that I can level up my coaching practice! Jennifer’s knowledge and experience around Motivational Interviewing shined through every conversation with her. This course is worth every penny and I really enjoyed it! Thank you Jennifer!

  9. Jessica Sally (verified owner)

    Jennifer Broxterman MSc, RD is empathetic, caring and truly passionate about helping others. The Nutrition Coaching Course she’s developed with Two Brain Coaching is completely worth the price. I had taken the PN level 1 course a few years ago, but this course filled in the missing pieces. It helped with practical application and putting the clients needs first. The 3 mentoring calls that came with the course were truly invaluable for helping me build my coaching business. I wish I had taken this course sooner!

  10. John Mack (verified owner)

    I had the opportunity to be mentored by Jennifer through the Two Brain Nutrition Coaching program. Jennifer is great! Not only is she super knowledgeable, but she is willing to help in whatever capacity to help you succeed. I wish I could leave more than 5 stars! – Sarah Triolo

  11. Michael Grondin (verified owner)

    I just completed the Two-Brain Coaching Nutrition Course for my gym. My team and I were already familiar with many Nutrition Concepts, because it was part of our Kinesiologist degree in Quebec. This course put together the theory and the practice together. It is a game changer in our professional practice. The course provided help with motivational interviewing and many user-friendly tools to help me better coach habit-based nutrition coaching. The 3, 1-hour mentoring calls with Jennifer taught me how to connect the lessons and tools in the course to coaching my own nutrition clients.

    I value education, but even more, I value being able to apply and use it! This course did just that. I highly recommend this course to all serious Fitness Professionals and gym owners wanting to significantly improve their team.

  12. Stacy Clark

    Bethany was my Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching mentor and as part of the course, we met online three times. She is a great listener which enabled us to have an easy rapport. Bethany embodies the very style of client-focused coaching taught in the course, and she offered me open and honest insight into nutrition coaching.

  13. Melissa McDowell (verified owner)

    I completed the NutritionRx/Two-Brain Coaching Course and it was amazing! It was just the help I needed to get my nutrition business on the right track. My mentor, Bethany, was super gracious and helpful. I would highly recommend their course and their services. If you are on the fence, just do it! You won’t regret it!

  14. Darren Thornton (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for nutrition coaching or help to become a better nutrition coach, this team has it covered. Jen has a successful nutrition business and is now teaching others, like myself, how to improve or start their own nutrition businesses. The course has a ton of resources and 1-1 calls that allow you to ask questions and get further ideas based on your situation.

  15. Holli Frazell (verified owner)

    We had a vacancy on our NapTown Nutrition team come up about a month ago. Without missing a beat, our HR director and Kids Coach (Holli) stepped up and said “I want to help with Nutrition”. Fast forward about 4 weeks and Holli has completed the Two Brain course and is ready to take on clients.

    She LOVED the course! She said she feels 100% ready to take on clients right away and she is anxious to get her skills out there for our members to benefit from.

    Thanks TBB Nutrition team!

    – Peter Brasovan, CFO & Co-Owner of NapTown Fitness
    – Holli Frazell, Nutrition Coach, NaptTown Fitness

  16. Vaughn Smith

    I definitely feel value for the amount I’ve learned over the course. As a biology teacher (with dual majors in biology/health education), I felt confident in my understanding of nutritional basics. My mind has been blown, however, by the motivational interviewing strategies and the amount of counseling required to help foster healthy behavioral change. This has helped me to review my prior knowledge and experiences from an entirely different perspective. The course has taken my scientific understanding and made it applicable to actually helping people and starting a business in the nutrition space. I highly recommend this Nutrition Coaching Course to others.

    -Vaughn Smith, CrossFit Justice

  17. Victoria Piemontese

    Such an amazing Nutrition Coaching and Mentoring Course! To say at the least, my mentor Jennifer was the best person I have met and talked to in the field. She could not have created and presented this course any better than she has! Jennifer really helped me understand and focus on what the basic fundamentals of nutrition are to teach and help my clients…without confusing myself or my clients. I think the most impactful take away from this course for me would be how much confidence I gained. I never realized the way I was communicating to my clients could make a difference in my own and my clients success in nutrition coaching. Through the mentoring calls, role plays, and helpful resources explaining visually different nutrition fundamentals, I feel the most confident I ever have not only in coaching my clients, but with my everyday self as well.

    Thank you so much Jennifer! <3

  18. Davina Friese (verified owner)

    Wow! What a life changing course this has been! If you are looking to improve on or develop motivational interviewing skills, and be the best client-centered coach you can be, this course will help. You will receive a plethora of resources to use with your clients, and receive instruction on how to help Level 1, 2, and 3 clients achieve their goals. The three hour long mentoring calls included are so helpful, and you will be able to practice your new skills with your mentoring coach. A special shout out to Jennifer – I completed three mentoring calls with her, and she is a special person with a big heart. I feel so honored I was able to talk with her one on one and receive guidance from her. Her years of experience as a Dietician & nutrition coach with motivational interviewing makes her an expert in the field.

    I absolutely LOVED the course and will go through it again and again. If you would like to grow as a client-centered coach with impressive motivational skills, this course is for you!

  19. Ben Jakeman

    I feel blessed to have Jen mentor us through the course, a truly refreshing outlook on a client centred approach to health, nutrition is an obvious part of it and the focus around habits I love.

    Yet nutrition is only 1 part of the puzzle, would you start a puzzle without finding the corners 1st?


    It instantly had me look at my own habits and motivated me to lead by example and practice what we preach.

    After nearly 2 years with another provider we switched, the best decision ever for our business!

    The teaching style, values and motivational interviewing skills have had us go back to basics, adopt a beginners Mindset (SHOSHIN) and like the nutrition, don’t add another habit until the basics are nailed down.

    You wouldn’t build your house on soft ground, so why would you build a nutrition business on poor foundations

    Our delivery has changed, we are using more powerful questions, better conversations and better relationships are being cultivated

    Empower your clients today by jumping onboard with Jen and the team

    Only if you’re ready to be open minded and change yourself 🙂

    -Ben Jakeman, Director
    Ulysses Fitness and Nutrition

  20. Abby Duffy

    Following the NutritionRx & Two-Brain nutrition certification course was the first time I have ever done something to further my nutrition and I am so happy for the experience. The course was perfect for a beginner because it was not overwhelming with technical or very “sciencey” stuff. I am excited to take what I’ve learned and help people change their lives.

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