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We develop coaches by Degree.

The Two-Brain Coaching First Degree Program is an online course that will take a client from “zero to coach” in four weeks. Your purchase includes one license for one coach.

The gym owner or gym’s Head Coach will work alongside the online program to teach new coaches how to deliver 1:1 coaching prescriptions. Upon purchase, gym owners should download the First Degree guide; Intrapreneurialism Owner’s Guide and Intrapreneurialism 101 handbooks. They accompany the online materials.

Six Degrees of Coaching, in a nutshell:

First Degree Coach: The one on one coach that is following a template or a script. This coach is basically leading new members through an OnRamp program, or getting them ready to train with you.

Second Degree Coach: “Instead of just coaching people one on one, now we’re going to resource them with how to deal with a group. So we’re teaching a group from a template or a script with structure.”

Third Degree Coach: “Now we’re actually going to go back to one on one, but we’re going to introduce elements of program design.” This coach is a well-taught personal trainer who can lead a group by following a class plan, too.

Fourth Degree Coach: “As you graduate up to the next level, we’re just layering on a little bit more complexity so there’s a little bit more responsibility on behalf of the coach. So we’re still going to allow them to oversee elements of program design. But now we’re going to take this over an entire group population.” This coach learns to program for groups, based on historical results and data.

Fifth Degree Coach: “What we would term the head coach or the director of training for an entire facility. They’re assessing and evaluating the coaching staff. They are responsible for delivering continuing education in a very structured way. They would also be responsible for onboarding new coaches. They gather and assess this data so that we can use it to drive current and future programs. They’re looking at innovation and adapting that to their gym.”

To listen to Josh Martin describe the Degrees of Coach Development, listen here.


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