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Two-Brain Coaching: Group Coaching

Everything you need to know about being a world-class group fitness coach. We will help you develop the social, psychological, and biological sides of your coaching tool belt in order to be an effective group fitness coach that not only delivers clients their results, but also keeps them coming back for years!

    The job of a coach is to keep clients. This course will increase your member retention by developing the skills that coaches, both new and veteran, truly need to become proficient at. 
    Learn the principles of being a world-class coach and you can use any methodology of your choosing to get your clients the results they seek. 
    The goal of mentoring is to help coaches build a plan and stick to it. We do this by being a filter (“do this, ignore that”) and providing the next steps necessary to guide these coaches to the life they want to live.


Here are a few more details on what you now get with each of our courses:

  • Online Learning Modules: The course is divided into core modules with supporting lessons and course notes provided to follow along, and you can expect a variety of content; written, video and some homework items to complete within the course.
  • Bonus Resources: A big bundle of BONUS resources is also provided throughout the course, which you are welcome to download and use with your own clients.
  • Graduation Certificate: To graduate and obtain your specific course certification, you will need to pass a short exam at the end of the course, earning 80% or higher.
  • Mentoring Calls: You will also receive 3 x 60-minute mentoring calls with one of our Coaching Mentors, spread throughout the course.

Coaching Course Handbook
Each course comes with a handbook located on the course homepage.

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours
Expect to commit roughly +/- 30 minutes per lesson. We recommend carving out 1-2 hours per week of protected professional development learning time, which will allow you to complete the Coaching Course in 4-6 weeks’ time. This course is self-guided, so you are welcome to go faster or slower to suit your own schedule.

You’ll leave this course:

  • Knowledgeable, confident, and ready to offer group fitness coaching to your clients
  • With a stronger ability to get your clients better results, and help improve their overall health
  • More flexibility and stability to your income earning-potential as a fitness coach
  • With three personalized 1-on-1 mentoring coaching calls to help you put what you’re learning into practice to help launch your nutrition business


Ready to Get Started?

Purchase this course today and you can begin immediately! Reminder: this is for coaches that are delivering their services in person to a small group. If you are looking to be an online fitness coach, check out Online Coaching here.


6 reviews for Group Coaching

  1. Madison Read (verified owner)

    So one of my greatest takeaways aside from having a mentor to work with, was being reminded of the confidence I have (or should have) while on the floor. I remember after I sent you (Shawn) the video of my whiteboard presentation and going over my body language, I didn’t even realize I was closed off and crossing my arms! Since the course has ended there have been a few things that I have implemented into my every day. A big one along with coaching with confidence would be pausing while I’m speaking. It really grabs everyone’s attention back to what is being said. We all know after a long day of work, members tend to zone out during whiteboard. Another would be writing out my class plan. A few times there were days where our caps were a little tight within class, it saved me from running over my allotted class time.

    To someone interested or thinking about taking this: I would say that just having someone else’s eyes on my classes and giving me feedback really re-lit why I started coaching in the first place. I can’t make my members better if I’m not continuing to better myself!

    -Madison R

  2. Dylan Broadfoot (verified owner)

    One of my greatest takeaways was meeting the mentors and seeing how other people coach classes and see what they find works and what doesn’t. Since completing the course, I’ve been implementing the lesson plans but I’m very sporadic with them, one week I will do them, another week I review the two brain programming notes multiple times. Still trying to make them a common thing I do for every class. It’s such a well laid out course and is done in nice manageable size chucks that really helps you retain all of the information. Getting to meet the mentor was awesome as well.

    He really helps point you in the right direction to take your coaching to that next level.

    -Dylan B

  3. Jessica Roland (verified owner)

    One of my biggest takeaways is how to approach people and correct them without making them feel down on themselves, I think I got the most out of that because I catch myself in that situation often in class.

    Also, another thing I would say is the importance of building a relationship with a client rather than just taking them through a workout. It not only makes things more fun in the gym and enjoyable for the athletes but when you know a person better, as a coach, I feel much more comfortable approaching/correcting them.

    Things I have been implementing from our course are the whiteboard briefing tips, trying to not say as many words while still emphasizing the key goals.
    One thing that stood out to me from the course is keeping it simple, for example for a workout I’ll say “4 round, 4 movements” then put my hand by the words on the board and pause for a moment to let that sink into athletes’ heads and keep their attention. Definitely still working on building relationships and getting to know the athletes, especially as more people start to join.
    One thing I do that we specifically talk about is showing vulnerability with athletes, especially with movements I am not as confident with myself.

    As for the course, you’re going to get out of it what you put into it. I thought I got a lot out of my course and our talks because I asked questions, engaged in the conversation and we ended up talking about personal experiences which helped me alot!
    Also, I would recommend when they’re shadowing/coaching for the first time, have the coach observing them take notes. It helps to be able to go back and review notes and know how you can better approach situations/workouts differently next time.

    -Jessica Roland

  4. James Sink (verified owner)

    Hello Shawn,
    First off coaching has been great. I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback which helps a lot.
    My biggest takeaway would probably be the pre class preparation that needs to be completed for a successful class, which rolls into your second question on the mentoring calls. Being able to have you the mentor face to face and reinforcing the 5 step whiteboard brief sequence helped me out tremendously. Your calls were always positive and I feel like I came away with something that I can incorporate into my coaching after each of those zoom calls, thank you.
    I would definitely recommend the group course for anyone interested in coaching. The course was easy enough to follow and at the user’s comfort level of pace. Once again having the three calls helped make the class more personal or one on one.
    Jim Sink

  5. Jacob Holt (verified owner)

    My greatest takeaway from the course was learning how to talk, and more importantly, think up at the board so that I can better teach the athletes at my gym.

    The mentoring calls increased my confidence at the board from what was previously stated. I also feel like my presence at the whiteboard increased because I had you watch a couple times at the beginning and you gave me good feedback on little pointers I could do.

    I would highly recommend taking the Group Course if you have no experience talking in front of big groups and maybe get scared off by everyone looking at you. This course gave me confidence and a better understanding of how I should talk at the board to convey the workout the best I can.

    Thanks for everything!

  6. Katy Clements (verified owner)

    Greatest take away: Listening to others and slowing down to let them share about life will really allow big growth and create deeper relationships. The way you word board talk or conversations with athletes will help them feel like what they are doing is just as big as those next to them. Create a “team” atmosphere through “we are doing ..” Benefits of the mentoring calls: Just about everything. I had someone to lead me well, bounce ideas off, run through scenarios, and learn how to lead a great group class. I learned how to run a smooth class, with creating lesson plans that count for every minute. To someone wondering if this is for them? This course and the mentoring will allow you to not only become a great coach, but also learn human relations and connections. What you say, how you say, and what you do will create incredible relationships, and this course allows you to learn how to do that best and create great relationships.

    “Keep raising your standards.”

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