Relationships to Keep Them Coming Back

Written by Shawn McQueen, Course Mentor for Group Coaching

Group Coaching is no easy task. 

You have a wide base of different human beings in front of you every class, multiple times a day, every day. 

Most with different backgrounds, abilities, drives, stressors and goals.

Although you can always find differences here, there are similarities they are all looking for. 

And to coach group classes, you have to have a certain level of understanding of the teaching and coaching of movement. 

A baseline understanding.

Which gets refined over time, with practice and experience of constantly working on your craft. 

Of course, we teach this in our First Degree course and expand on it in Second Degree.

But what keeps people coming back? 

It’s not how good you teach the deadlift, or how much you know about the clean and jerk. 

People want more than that. If fact, they need more than that.

The separator is the high level skills and constant development in:


-The art of communication 

-People skills.

The constant pursuit of excellence in these three areas are what separate yourself, the business, your culture by thriving in these three areas. 

It’s what keeps a strong length of engagement for members within the business. 

In the Second Degree course, we begin the process of teaching coaches how to accelerate in these areas. 

How to better communicate.  With any and everyone. 

How to build relationships. With any and every member. Genuinely. 

How to become the person that everyone wants to be around. To change people’s states in a matter of seconds. 

That makes the experience (that they are coming to your business for) one they will want to keep coming back to time and time again. 

Next, we’ll take the deep dive into each of these three areas. 

Stay tuned…

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