Talking Pace at the Whiteboard

By Shawn McQueen, Mentor for Two-Brain Group Coaching Course

In my last article, 5 Ways to Wow at the Whiteboard, one of the steps was to brief the pace of the workout. Here is a more in-depth description of what that may look like:

I call it the 4 R’s:





Each R grows in intensity. First up is:

  • Relaxed = is conversational pace, an easy effort.  Imagine you and I going for a jog and talking for 30 minutes. We’re working, but able to carry on a coherent conversation.

Then the next level up is:

  • Repeatable = think of this is a step up, but able to maintain and be in control of your body, breathing and maintain similar intra-workout splits.  For instance: “Today we’re going to row 5x500m with 2:00 rest between each effort, but our challenge is that EVERY split must be the same. Our effort needs to reflect this.”

Above that pace is what we call…

  • Reach = Here you’re pushing yourself, living in the uncomfortable, working to complete the specific work in as few sets as possible (unbroken isn’t necessarily the goal, though it might be), experiencing levels of fatigue that do not allow repeatability but are still able to control your rest periods and move well under duress and fatigue. 

And finally, we come to the highest level of intensity:

  • Redline = this is a maximum effort, there is no coming back from this. Examples could be Fran, a 2k row, or 30-second assault bike sprint.

The more we can teach our members things like this the more apt they will be to follow and trust your guidance, which will increase your confidence dramatically.

How do you discuss pace at the whiteboard?


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