The 3-Step Formula to Improve Your Coaching (Step 3)

by Shawn McQueen, Two-Brain Coaching Mentor

Today we close the loop on our 3 part series. 

In part 1, we elaborated on separation in preparation through 6 specific ingredients to success. 

In part 2, we broke down how to improve our communication skills, in 3 easy steps. 

Today in part 3, it’s the collaboration of all those things coming together in what I call 


Part 3: TEAM/CLASS FEEDBACK & De-Briefs: 

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats 



2- How to perform them.

3- The Benefits for everyone. 


What makes a 10 out of 10 class at your facility? 

A world class experience? 

How in-depth is your group class evaluation? 

You may be thinking, why would this be so important? 

Because it is much easier to keep and retain current members and clients than it is to acquire new ones. 

(and truthfully, if you care enough, it’s what they deserve. And this is your brand,  your business, your legacy.) 

And members are what pay your bills. 

Provide you with food, security, provide your coaches opportunities and it’s how they provide for themselves also. 

This area deserves MASTERY. 

Determining a 10/10 should be a team collaborative effort. 


Because everyone should agree on what’s a 10/10 class. To be on the same page. 

It also makes the eval process easier, keeps people on the same page, aligns values and beliefs. 

Once you have your class evaluation outlined, we can move onto the next step. 


How good of a job did you, or your coach do at upholding your 10/10 standards? 

You want to create a culture within your team of being very open to feedback. 

So how you deliver that feedback is very important (next step.)

A Team/Class Feedback/DEBRIEF is a short conversation after a class to check in with that coach on what went well, where they felt good and where they need to make improvements. 

Poor = Doing this once a month. 

Good = Doing this once a week.

(But do you really only want to be good?) 

Great = Doing this a couple times a week. 

Outstanding = Doing this after every class. 

To STAND-OUT you must go above and beyond. 

2- How To Perform Them? 

Are you an active owner within your facility or absent one? 

If you’re absent you need to train your Head Coach (aka Team Leader) on this and how to do this. 

If you’re active you can still transition this role to someone else or do this yourself. 

Once class is completed, and the coach has closed some loops with members (conversations, good jobs or relationship building) they need to immediately get together with another teammate and go into a de-brief. 

Question 1: 

What are 1-3 things they did really well (in detail)? 

Always start with the good. If they are struggling to find the good, if that coach was in the class, ask them what they noticed, felt or saw that was good after the coach who led the class had spoken. 

Question 2: 

What’s 1-2 things I could have done better or would change for next time to be even better? 

Here we are humbling ourselves to find the areas we can improve upon. 

This list could be many but it needs to be 1 or 2 tops to isolate a particular focus and allow for growth and improvement. 

This process can take less than 2 minutes and serves as an immediate download of performance.

3- The Benefits (for everyone.)

As you build your coaching culture to embrace and embody this concept they naturally will raise their own standards. 

They are deeply invested in improving and holding themselves to a higher level of standard. 

They can easily begin to identify areas of success and areas that need improvement.

Those areas of improvement improve faster because they have inherent awareness around them. 

They actively begin to focus on what they need to to sharpen their own saw. 

They begin to love the feeling of constant and never ending improvement. 

They feel appreciated when you or their team leader recognize their efforts and development. 

They’ll work even harder to deliver because of that. 

The team becomes cohesive. 

How does this help the business? 

Service becomes extremely consistent.

It doesn’t matter if Monica, Rachel or Phoebe are coaching (FRIENDS reference anyone) they know the class will be great. 

So members come more regularly.

Stay longer (+ LEG)

See the value in the coaching services and either come more or add on skill or PT sessions (+ARM.)

Coaches are happier. 

Members are happier.

The team is consistent. 

The service delivery is more valuable. 

The business is thriving.

More lives are being improved and impacted under your business. 

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

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