The Best App for SEMM Programming?

Thought can lead to actions.
Actions can lead to habits.
Habits can lead to behaviors.
Behaviors can lead to meaningful change.

But only if you lead the people you’re serving.

When we introduced the Sleep, Eat, Move, Manage model to coaching businesses, one of the first questions we received was:

“Is there an app for that?”

It’s a valid question. There are so many cool apps for coaching that ONE of them must focus on behavior change…right?

Unfortunately, most coaching apps focus on leaderboarding and workout tracking. That’s great; but real behavior modification requires consistency, not intensity. So how do we track consistency?

In the Virtuosity Challenge, I gave you a spreadsheet. Your clients can print it off, put it on their refrigerator or their wall, and check off each of the SEMM categories each day. This is how habits are made: small, recurring wins.

But if you prefer an app, look for something like Streaks.

I don’t necessarily recommend Streaks, but it has the features that work for me:

  1. Simplicity – things are done or not done
  2. FOMO – I don’t want to break my “streak” (really the app’s core function)
  3. Clarity – I track only the things that my coach assigns without the noise
  4. Customization – it’s really easy to put MY goals in there.

For example, I made one goal for each SEMM category :

  • Sleep 6.5 hours per night (or make it up with a nap)
  • Track my food in MyFitnessPal
  • Complete my daily workout or mobility
  • Spend 5 minutes in meditation or “flow state”

When I complete one of the four, I hold my finger on the button, and bam – it shows as complete, and that completion is added to my streak. In the above picture, my “Sleep” goal was accomplished (the 1 star means I have a 1-day streak going.)

The larger the streak, the greater my fear of breaking it.

Will this work for your clients? Maybe. Try it for yourself first. While I hate to throw another app on the pile, you’ll know what fits into your coaching toolkit and practice.

Good ideas don’t automatically lead to any action at all.

Good actions don’t automatically become habits (ever heard of “New Year’s Resolutions”?)

Good habits don’t always last long enough to become behaviors.

And even the best behaviors don’t always lead to meaningful change.

It’s up to you, coach.

If using an app helps you lead your clients from one step to the next, then Streaks might be a tool you want to try. Or find another app that helps with behavior change!

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