The Kaizen Plan

Kaizen means “change for better”.

Kaizen is most commonly associated with continual business improvement because of Toyota’s famous use of the term. But really, any improvement–one-time or continual; big or small–is kaizen.

Our job, as coaches, is to create change for the better.

To create change for the better, we must first establish the improvement we’re trying to make; then measure the starting point; then execute our plan for improvement; and finally, measure that improvement.

We call this process “learn, design, deliver, refine” at Two-Brain Coaching.

To avoid creating change for the worse, we must first determine the potential for improvement; establish the obstacles to improvement; execute our plan with precision; and finally, evaluate our progress.

This means setting realistic goals; overcoming limitations and avoiding injury; keeping our focus; and measuring success.


Continuous improvement requires changing our plans. We must consistently evaluate a client’s success and be willing to change when necessary.

This could mean changing methods: if HIIT isn’t helping your client lose weight, you must be willing to try Spin classes or swimming.

It could mean changing focus: if attending your workouts 5x/week isn’t helping them with their bad back, you must be willing to try massage or chiropractic care.

It could mean changing your mind, your toolkit, and your awareness.


A plan is larger than the methods contained therein. A plan requires a coach.


A coach builds a plan and changes its component parts as necessary. An instructor delivers a methodology, like Zumba or karate.


A coach connects experts in various methods. An instructor has deep knowledge in one method.


A coach can maintain kaizen for long periods. An instructor is limited by the law of diminishing returns.


This is why we teach the “learn, design, deliver, refine” model at Two-Brain Coaching: because continual improvement–kaizen–demands it. Planning for Kaizen means planning for improvement, and that means planning for change.

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