The Value of Accountability

Our gym is our canvas, and our workouts are our art.


We love being creative. But sometimes love is blind: we don’t see what our clients actually need, because we’re staring at our art.


They need novelty (you’re good at that.)

They need explanations (“here’s how this will benefit you”) because they don’t make that connection.

And they need accountability.


In my podcast interview with Allison Schrager (“An Economist Walks Into A Brothel“), we got into an interesting topic about Schrager’s personal training program.


Schrager goes to Equinox, and pays more than an average gym membership because she needs to feel the “pain” of paying for the gym membership.


On top of that, she needs the accountability of someone looking over her shoulder.


Schrager is highly educated. She’s smart. She knows what she should eat. But every day, she sends a picture of her meals to her Equinox Trainer via text–even when she’s in Paris.


She’s never met this trainer.


She’s getting results.


She loves the service.


Equinox charges between $110 and $150 for this level of training: daily texts plus workout plans. The gym membership itself isn’t included.


Other services charge between $3 per day and $200 per month for online personal training. Here’s how my friend Jack Wheeler does it.


It’s a great example of a scalable model for Personal Trainers and coaches. And we often overlook its value because we try to find customers for our products instead of finding products for our customers. That’s backward.


Equinox’ text-accountability plan works because it helps clients get results. Not because it’s fancy, and not because it required a PhD. It didn’t require more work than you’re currently doing. It’s just smarter. And it started with “what do our clients actually want?”


They want accountability.


In 2020, I’ve committed to putting myself into the clients’ shoes more. That means I’ve hired a cycling coach and a nutrition coach. I’ve been a fitness coach since 1996; I know how to write a nutrition plan. But the accountability actually helps, and it’s well worth the $400 for 3 months.


How are you building accountability into your coaching practice?

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