The Weekly Ritual

Written by Jennifer Broxterman, MSc, RD
Registered Dietitian, Founder of NutritionRx


The Weekly Ritual is one of the most important take-aways I’ve learned from habits-based coaching. It is often one of the biggest factors in whether I (or my nutrition clients) succeed in the upcoming week when it comes to making healthy choices consistently

This is what my Sunday night version looks like, as I try my best to “walk the talk” as a Registered Dietitian and health coach. 

 “Selective Willpower” + Supportive Environments + Healthy Routines = #SUCCESS 

Each Sunday I make up a weekly healthy Snack Bucket that I bring to my work fridge on Monday morning filled with:

  • veggies
  • fruit
  • mixed nuts + seeds
  • yogurt or cheese
  • homemade bars from my local Farmers Market
  • hard boiled eggs
  • etc.

…basically a mix of healthy(ish) options to grab at work that varies seasonally and works for my body and eating schedule.

I also pick out 5 work outfits, place them in a portable laundry bin, and set a week’s worth of clothing by the front door. 

Each Monday morning, I pack my snack bucket, toss it in the laundry bin, and head to the gym (also my place of work) with everything I need to be successful for the week. 

I’m lucky to train at a CrossFit gym at 7:00am every single morning Monday-Friday, and my NutritionRx counselling office is located right inside. (Best commute ever!)

All of my work outfits get unpacked into their own little cubbie in a spare closet at the gym, so all I have to do each morning is throw on some workout clothes, head to the gym, and I’ve already breezed through the step of deciding what to wear and what to eat by taking care of that on Sunday night (less decision fatigue).

The work-from-home version is almost identical. I still prep a week’s worth of healthy snacks on Sunday evening, and pick out my 5 work outfits, only this time the snacks stay in my fridge and my clothes sit stacked on a shelf in my closet, with no commute required. 

Instead of aimlessly searching through my fridge and cupboards mid-work day for a snack, I know that “Healthy Me” on Sunday evening has already lined up nutritious snacks for when I get hungry, and I still don’t have to struggle with picking out something to wear in the morning, even if my clothes have gotten a bit comfier working from home.

Feel free to share this tip with your own clients (if relevant), and I hope this example might inspire some of you to think about getting your own Healthy Snack Bucket ready and work clothes picked out as you head into your next week. 

I can guarantee after years of doing this that it increases efficiency, decreases decision fatigue, and ensures that you’re set up for a great week of positive self-care habits.

Stay healthy + happy friends,

Jennifer Broxterman, RD

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