Virtuosity 060820


9 Hours

7-9 Hours

<7 Hours

Use an app like Garmin, Whoop or Sleep Cycle to help track your sleep.


Make 1 meal/day a less processed, more whole-foods option. Plan ahead or batch cook to help make healthy meals easy to grab and accessible.

Had one whole-foods meal and didn’t eat out at all.

Had one whole-foods meal OR didn’t eat out at all.

No whole-foods meal and ate out today.



In three minutes:

Run 250m

30 Pushups

Max Wall-Balls until time expires.

Rest 3:00

5 rounds for max wall-balls.

 >50 wall balls

25-50 wall balls



Spend 30 minutes in Flow State.

Walk, drive in silence, perform manual labor, wash the dishes. Choose a task that requires movement without conscious thought. Let your thoughts flow uninterrupted.

Many would call this “zoning out”, and that’s okay–just be careful to remove yourself from external influence while you’re in flow. For example, playing video games *can* induce flow state, but your brain is susceptible to their messages while you’re thinking about other things.

If possible, do it outside.



Completion Partial Completion DNF

Source: The Mental Health Plan

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