Virtuosity 120720


8 Hours

6-8 Hours

<6 Hours

Or as determined by your recovery metrics. Have your coach review your sleep quality; share your feelings of tiredness or app data with them today.



Spend 30 minutes planning your meals for the week, and 30 minutes shopping for the week today. Submit your weekly tracking log to your nutrition coach. 




Source: your nutrition coach will set your daily targets.


60 minutes of labor:

Break a sweat. Repeat a mindless activity requiring movement. Do not exceed 60% of max heart rate.

Mow the lawn; walk; hike; ride your bike; chop wood; carry a rucksack. Move enough to occupy your body and free your mind, but no more. 

If you have to think about what you’re doing, it’s too intense.


Spend 60 minutes in Flow State.

Achieve Flow State through ritual, manual labor, or familiar movement. 

Download a free Flow State Guide by clicking the TwoBrain link below.


What is Virtuosity?

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