Virtuosity 190720


8 Hours

6-8 Hours

<6 Hours

Sleep one extra hour tonight.


Next week’s goal is to eat protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Today: Plan 3 meals per day for next week. Write out your protein sources and go grocery shopping. Buy your proteins first.

Green – Meals planned and protein purchased for next week

Yellow – . Groceries purchased

Red – No planning or prep

Source: practice your daily/weekly healthy nutrition habit, set by you and your nutrition coach.


Run Intervals:

Run 400m x 6-8 sets.

Rest:work 2:1

*stop when your intervals differ by more than 10s

8 sets completed  >4 sets completed    DNF

 Spend one hour in Flow State. 

Completion Partial Completion DNF
Source: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

What is Virtuosity?

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